Big City Stories Trophy List

Supreme Mayor Supreme Mayor
Reach Mayor Level 50.
Metropolis Metropolis
Reach a population size of 65,000 in a single city.
Real Estate Boom Real Estate Boom
Every tile in your city is occupied by a building or road.
Ribbon Ceremony Ribbon Ceremony
Upgrade your Town Hall to level 2.
A True Tycoon A True Tycoon
Construct/upgrade a total of 200 Commercial buildings in a single city.
Bright New Mayor Bright New Mayor
Reach Mayor level 10.
A Place to Call Home A Place to Call Home
Construct/upgrade a total of 200 Residential buildings in a single city.
I've got a fever! I've got a fever!
Have an Electronic Dance Floor and a Disco Floor in your city.
Prime Real Estate Prime Real Estate
Raise a single tile's output by 65%.
New Blueprints New Blueprints
Unlock the Skyline Condos.
Tower in the Sky Tower in the Sky
Upgrade a Globosyn Megaplex to level 9.
Electric Eye Electric Eye
Reach a total production rate of 10,000 Energy per hour in a single city.
Bridge the Gap Bridge the Gap
Repair your city's bridge by helping your advisers.
Vault Space Vault Space
Own two level 4 Banks.