Bentley's Hackpack Trophy List

Thievius Old-Schoolus Thievius Old-Schoolus
Unlock any 3 arcade stages by collecting tokens.
Auto Fire Auto Fire
Unlock any 20 arcade stages by collecting tokens.
Mushroom Collected Mushroom Collected
Unlock a question block on any game grid.
First One's Free First One's Free
Unlock your first prize in the Prize Gallery.
Gotta Collect 'Em All Gotta Collect 'Em All
Unlock 15 prizes in the Prize Gallery.
Spread The Wealth Spread The Wealth
Unlock 30 prizes in the Prize Gallery.
Is Keep Respawn Is Keep Respawn
Collect every arcade token in a single game type.
Climbing The Ladder Climbing The Ladder
Beat 10 high score challenges.
Get The Spread Gun! Get The Spread Gun!
Beat 40 high score challenges.
Bandit Masks Bandit Masks
Beat 30 Sly mask challenges.
Ape Assert Ape Assert
Collect a total of 100 tokens.
Bits And Bytes Bits And Bytes
Unlock every question block on all three game grids.
Super Jackpot Super Jackpot
Collect a total of 300 tokens.
Walk-in Closet Walk-in Closet
Unlock 50 prizes in the Prize Gallery.
Rock Gods Rock Gods
Rock out with The Cooper Gang!