Beach Buggy Racing Trophy List

Beachmaster Beachmaster
All Trophies
Beginner Beginner
Earn all the stars in Easy Street
Contender Contender
Earn all the stars in Coconut Cup
Competitor Competitor
Earn all the stars in Sunshine Sprint
Professional Professional
Earn all the stars in Chowder Bowl
Expert Expert
Earn all the stars in Tropical Twist
Champion Champion
Earn all the stars in Pineapple Punch
Superhero Superhero
Earn all the stars in Tidal Rush
Legend Legend
Earn all the stars in Typhoon Trophy
Race Team Race Team
Recruit 5 drivers
Color Theory Color Theory
Paint a car
Metric Century Metric Century
Drive 100km
One Million Meters One Million Meters
Drive 1000km
The 1% The 1%
Earn over 1,000,000 coins in your career
Gull Hater Gull Hater
Smash 100 seagulls
Crab Terminator Crab Terminator
Smash 40 crabs
Fire Eater Fire Eater
Smash 20 lava monsters
Gardener Gardener
Smash 500 palm trees
Skull Go Boom Skull Go Boom
Smash 50 death bats
Cry of the Yeti Cry of the Yeti
Smash 25 yeti
Unhappy Feet Unhappy Feet
Smash 100 penguins
Reckless Reckless
Win a 1000hp Race without using the brake
Skillz Skillz
Win a 1000hp Race without resetting
Pure Speed Pure Speed
Win a Race without using a Powerup
Comeback Comeback
Go from last to first place on the last lap of a Race
Tastes Like Chicken Tastes Like Chicken
Win with a chicken on your face
Egg Finder Egg Finder
Find 1 Easter Egg
Challenger Challenger
Beat a Daily Challenge event
Super Challenger Super Challenger
Beat 7 Daily Challenges in a row
Egg Hunter Egg Hunter
Find 10 Easter Eggs
Precision Driving Precision Driving
Score 25 in a Follow the Leader event
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
Successfully complete the triple-jump shortcut in Death Bat Alley
Turtle Power Turtle Power
Bounce off three different turtles in one river crossing in Dino Jungle
I'm in Your Head I'm in Your Head
Use Remote Control to detonate a car under the Nitro effect
3-for-1 3-for-1
Take out three drivers with one Death Bat Powerup
Going, Going, Gone Going, Going, Gone
Use Earth Strike on an opponent who's experiencing Low Gravity
I'm Helping I'm Helping
Set fire to an opponent who's frozen
Really I'm Helping Really I'm Helping
Freeze an opponent who's on fire
Long Jump Long Jump
Jump 400 meters
Dentist Dentist
Knock the Tiki Temple's teeth out
Giddyup Giddyup
Do a jump start
I'll Get That I'll Get That
Knock the penguin off the mammoth tusk in Glacier Gulch
Switcheroo Switcheroo
Use B'Zorp to teleport into 1st place within 100m of the finish line
1-Time Champ 1-Time Champ
Win one 1000 HP Championship
5-Time Champ 5-Time Champ
Win five 1000 HP Championships