Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Complete Chapter One
Complete Chapter Two
Complete Chapter Three
Complete Chapter Four
Complete Chapter Five
Complete Chapter Six
Complete Chapter Seven
Complete Chapter Eight
Complete Chapter Nine
Complete Chapter Ten
Complete Chapter Eleven
Complete Chapter Twelve
Complete Chapter Thirteen
Complete the single-player campaign
Unlock the nuke munition in the single-player campaign
Unlock the Jupiter-class battlestar in the single-player campaign
Unlock all blueprints in the single-player campaign
Have at least 10 Colonies fortified in the single-player campaign
Redistribute power in a Cylon ship
Successfully board an opponent's ship with a Heavy Raider
Successfully hack an opponent's ship with the Nemesis or the Wardriver
Win a skirmish match with a custom Cylon fleet
Win a skirmish match with a custom Colonial fleet
Destroy 10 enemy ships
Destroy 100 enemy ships
Destroy 500 enemy ships