Battle Princess of Arcadias Trophy List

Trophy Champion! Trophy Champion!
Earned all other trophies.
I Am the Battle Princess! I Am the Battle Princess!
Won the first boss battle.
Drake Slayer Drake Slayer
Defeated a Dragon.
Giant Smasher Giant Smasher
Defeated a Golem.
Mummy Flayer Mummy Flayer
Defeated a Pharaoh.
Snake Twister Snake Twister
Defeated a Lamia.
Spider Exterminator Spider Exterminator
Defeated a Giant Spider.
Crab Stomper Crab Stomper
Defeated a Giant Crab.
Onward, to Hope! Onward, to Hope!
Stood victorious at the final battle.
100 Down! 100 Down!
Defeated 100 enemy units.
500 Down! 500 Down!
Defeated 500 enemy units.
1,000 Down! 1,000 Down!
Defeated 1,000 enemy units.
3,000 Down! 3,000 Down!
Defeated 3,000 enemy units.
Feelin' Pretty Good Feelin' Pretty Good
Achieved a 100 combo.
It's Okay To Brag, Right? It's Okay To Brag, Right?
Achieved a 300 combo.
Time For a Vacation! Time For a Vacation!
Achieved a 500 combo.
A Thousand Knights A Thousand Knights
Defeated 1,000 enemy units with the main character.
Ubermensch Ubermensch
Reached Level 99 with one character.
Ubermenscheses, Unite! Ubermenscheses, Unite!
Reached Level 99 with all characters.
Bitter Medicine Bitter Medicine
Won a battle without using a single item.
Antisocial Behavior Antisocial Behavior
Cleared a combat session without swapping.
Nifty Thrifty Nifty Thrifty
Sold items on 100 separate occasions.
Shop-a-holic Shop-a-holic
Bought items on 100 separate occasions.
Sunday Saver Sunday Saver
Had over 500,000 G.
My First Enhance My First Enhance
Enhanced a weapon for the first time.
Enhance Master Enhance Master
Performed 100 weapon enhancements.
My First Upgrade My First Upgrade
Upgraded a weapon into a new weapon.
Upgrade Master Upgrade Master
Upgraded 10 weapons.
Upgrade Guru Upgrade Guru
Upgraded 30 weapons.
Weapon Collector Weapon Collector
Obtained 100 weapons.
Weapon Fanatic Weapon Fanatic
Obtained 500 weapons.
Fashion Baron Fashion Baron
Obtained 50 accessories.
Train to Train Train to Train
Trained a brigade for the first time.
Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck
Won your first skirmish.
Champion Brigade Champion Brigade
Won every unique skirmish.
War Addict War Addict
Won 100 skirmishes in total.
All Together Now! All Together Now!
Recruited every character to your cause.
It Would Be My Honor It Would Be My Honor
Achieved max Honor for one character with one other character.
Arcadias Idol Arcadias Idol
Achieved max Honor for one character with all other characters.
The Strongest Ties The Strongest Ties
Achieved max Honor for all characters with all other characters.
Reign Supreme! Reign Supreme!
Won every possible battle.
Intelligent Design Intelligent Design
Achieved S-Rank in a battle for the first time.
Elite Legion Elite Legion
Achieved S-Rank in every possible battle.