Battle Islands Trophy List

Warmonger Warmonger
Attain 100 offensive victories against the enemy
Bandit Bandit
Loot 2500000 supplies from the enemy
Skipper Skipper
Promote the warship in the command bunker
Treasurer Treasurer
Upgraded a supply depot to rank 10
Trailblazer Trailblazer
Attained 10 consecutive victories against the enemy
Terra Firma Terra Firma
Expanded your base to 4 islands
Aviator Aviator
Promote the bomber in the command bunker
Home Guard Home Guard
Garrison 500 army units
No Man's Land No Man's Land
Remove 8 obstacles from your islands
Greenhorn Greenhorn
Complete the tutorial
Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder
Lost 500 rifleman in battle
Architect Architect
Upgrade command bunker to rank 8
Tag Collector Tag Collector
Acquired 2500 dog tags from the enemy
Strategist Strategist
Attained 45 stars in the campaign