Battle Chasers: Nightwar Trophy List

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Aquire all trophies.
Make it to the road
Complete the Iron Outpost
Complete the Path of Fangs
Complete Junktown
Complete The Dig
Complete Deadwatch
Complete Strongmont
Complete the Crimson Garden
Complete the Mana Rifts
Kill C'drall
Find Knolan
Bring Alumon into the party
Find Monika
Complete a dungeon on Legendary difficulty
Complete all dungeons on Legendary difficulty
Start New Game Plus
Complete the game on New Game Plus
Craft an item
Craft 50 items
Craft 10 Rare Items
Craft 10 Epic Items
Craft a legendary item
Craft an item with less than 10% success chance
Recover an item from the Mystery Box
Kill 500 enemies
Reach level 30
Unlock a Beast Perk
Complete 50% of the Bestiary
Complete 100% of the Bestiary
Defeat the Pirate Captain
Catch 50 Fish
Catch an Epic Fish
Complete the Fishiary
Unlock 50% of the Lore Book
Unlock 100% of the Lore Book
Acquire 1 of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons
Acquire all of the Heroes' Ultimate Weapons
Unlock a Hero Skin
Unlock all Hero Skins
Unlock a Level 3 Battle Burst
Unlock All Battle Bursts
Get a Mid level score at the Battle Arena
Get Max Score in the Battle Arena
Acquire 100,000 gold (culmulative)
Acquire 200 Shadow Coins
Get all three chests in The Winding
Kill one of the Beastmaster's Targets
Kill all the Beastmaster's Targets