Azkend 2: The World Beneath Trophy List

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Create a match of ten items.
Get 12,000 points in the Time challenge with a multiplier of 1.
Play a classic level without matching even one move on blue tiles.
Include four compass pieces in one match.
Create a match of 16 or more items.
Squish five bugs with a single match.
Create a match of 24 or more items.
Get a medal from half of the levels in the Medal challenge.
Collect all the flowers before any leaves fall.
Kill a bug in flight.
Turn all of the wood tiles before turning any steel tiles during one level.
Create a ball lightning with every move during one level.
Turn all of the tiles blue 10 or more times during one round of Time challenge.
Make every match next to a fiery tile in one level of the fire game mode.
Reach a multiplier of 30 in the Time challenge.
Get a medal from all of the levels in the Medal challenge.