ATV Drift & Tricks Trophy List

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Do 750 wheelies
You knocked down 100 riders with swerves
Score more than 800 points with a single trick
Reach a total of one hour in mid-air
Do a 250-meter drift
Successfully attempt 50 T.U.R.B.O landings
Successfully perform 200 T.U.R.B.O landings
Reach a total of 150,000 style points in one race
Reach a x10 style combo
Do a 5-second burn out… and win!
Do a wheelie on the Great Wall of China
Do a Flip + Trick combo
Play a ten-player game
Finish a race 10s ahead of your nearest rival (single race - 'God' difficulty)
Win a league involving 4 or more races without falling once
Move from last to first in the final lap of a race with at least 5 opponents in 'God' difficulty
Lap an opponent in a race with 5 or fewer laps
Beat all developers' times in Hot Lap