Trophy List

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Get every trophy.
Re-Enter the Animus.
Complete Present - Stadium.
Complete Present - Skyscraper.
Complete Present - Abstergo.
Open the Temple Door and learn Desmond's fate.
Complete Sequence 1 & 2.
Complete Sequence 3.
Complete Sequence 4.
Complete Sequence 5.
Complete Sequence 6.
Complete Sequence 7.
Complete Sequence 8.
Complete Sequence 9.
Complete Sequence 10.
Complete Sequence 11.
Complete Sequence 12.
Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.
Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.
Craft one of Franklin's inventions to decorate your Manor.
Recruit any of the Artisans and see them settled on the Homestead.
See all the optional characters settled at the Homestead.
Win a game of Fanorona, Morris and Bowls on the Homestead.
Explore Fort Wolcott.
Uncover the mystery of Oak Island.
Complete all Naval Missions aboard the Aquila.
Complete all 12 Privateer Contracts.
Upgrade the Aquila.
Be invited to join a Club.
Complete all challenges for any of the Clubs.
Liberate all districts in Boston OR New York.
Send a convoy to Boston, New York and the Frontier.
Find all pivots and sync the Animus to the Cloud.
Retrieve every page for one of Ben Franklin's Almanacs.
Complete ALL progress tracker grid entries.
Complete 50% of the Progress Tracker entries.
Perform a double assassination using a musket.
Kill 15 guards with a single cannon shot.
Hang 5 enemies by using rope darts.
Loot a convoy without killing any of its guards.
Block a firing line 5 times by using a human shield.
After becoming fully Notorious, kill 10 Jagers before losing your notoriety.
Have a Trainee reach the Assassin Rank.
Exchange undamaged pelts at all different general stores.
Witness a predator killing an enemy.
Complete each of the epilogue missions unlocked after the credits roll.
Reach level 20 in the multiplayer mode.
Reach sequence 10 in a map on Wolfpack multiplayer mode.
Be on the winning team at the end of a multiplayer game session.
Customize your multiplayer Profile and Character.
Unlock a hacked version of one of the Abstergo videos in the story quest.
With any of the additional characters, perform 20 ‘Revive’ actions.
Finish a multiplayer game session with each of the additional characters.
Stun 3 pursuers without dying, playing with any of the additional characters.
Complete a Wolfpack multiplayer session on any of the additional maps.
Receive an unexpected gift.
Kill 25 enemies while staying cloaked.
Reach 100% synchronization in the Frontier.
Defeat Benedict Arnold.
Use Eagle Flight to travel 1 km.
Reach 100% synchronization in Boston.
Defeat Putnam.
Kill 125 enemies using Bear Might.
Reach 100% synchronization in New York.
Defeat George Washington.