Arcade Islands: Volume One Trophy List

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Collect all the trophies.
Earn 1 star in each game.
Earn 2 stars in each game.
Earn 3 stars in each game.
Earn 1 star in 20 games.
Earn 2 stars in 15 games.
Earn 3 stars in 10 games.
Earn 1 star in 5 games.
Earn 2 stars in 3 games.
Earn 3 stars in a game.
Unlock all islands.
Unlock Tropic Island.
Win a game against 3 players.
Have your teammates revive you 30 times.
Earn at least 10,000 points in a game.
Play again after failing 3 times in a row in any game.
Eliminate all enemy team members without losing yours in a team-versus game.
Earn 3 stars in Hopper Jump without getting wet.
In Bouncing Fish,throw the corpses of the other player on the bomb to make it explode.
Die 3 times in one run in the Fennec Fox Tower multiplayer mode.
Discover 5 pairs in a row in Memory.
Eat 3 big fish in one run in Jellify Pufferfish.
Make 3 holes-in-one in one run in Lava Golf.
Earn 2 stars in Double Dodo Breakout without losing a single dodo.
Get a skull block in Hex Eggs by clearing 3 lines in one move.
Lose and regain the shield in Bear Battalion after earning 3 stars.
Destroy 3 boss ships in one run in Pirate Foray.
Discover another player's item 5 times in Cups of Truth.
Survive an invasion in Fruit Invaders.
Break 5 perfect combos in Lava Bridge Builder by getting "Good Bonus".
Collect 30 special balls in River Defense.
Summon 3 lightning bolts with a single spell in Thor's Thunder.
Finish a round despite being poisoned in Mystical Totem.
Get 3 close shots in a row in Space Rockets.
Get 5 headshots in a row in Cannon Rescue.
Destroy 20 asteroids at the same time in Meteors.
Win without allowing your opponent to score in Frosty Hockey.
Kill the rival player who popped your balloon in Alien Balloonists.
Kill 30 sharks that get very close to you in Underwater Escape.
Put 30 hens to sleep in Rooster Romp.
Survive as the last player on the team and eliminate at least 5 enemies in The Last Siege.
Change color 15 times in Power of Color.
At least 2 rivals lose their lives after picking up poison in Super Vegan Anaconda.
Survive 12 rounds in Block the Bug!.
Recover 2 lives in a row without losing any in Flight of the Witch.
Remove at least 8 balls in a single move in Hi-Tech Lines.
Collect 30 stars in Deep Cosmic Trip.
Summon 3 ravens at once in Viking Scavengers.
Cast 4 spells consisting of at least 3 signs without any mistakes in Brooding Ritual.
Miss with rockets 10 times in Laboratory Work.