Anarchy: Rush Hour Trophy List

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Awarded for successfully collecting all trophies from Anarchy: Rush Hour.
Buy a new car.
Buy an adrenalin device.
Use each adrenalin device at least once.
Finish a multiplayer race in any position.
Win 5 times in each multiplayer mode.
Paint your car.
Fit accessories to your car.
Reach maximum level with all adrenalin devices.
Hit 1000 traffic cars.
Perform a barrel roll in the air.
Win a race under police pursuit without getting arrested.
Perform all Style moves.
Crash your own car.
Destroy your opponent's car.
Drive a total of 1000 kilometers.
Finish at least one race at each location in the game.
Buy 10 cars.
Reach the 250 km/h speed limit in a Top speed race.
Hit 1000 objects (not traffic).
Crash into a monorail train.
Visit garage for the first time.
Win a Circuit race (either in singleplayer, multiplayer or splitscreen).
Win a Sprint.
Win a Deathmatch (either in singleplayer, multiplayer or splitscreen).
Win a Top speed race.
Win a Knockout race.
Win a Stunts race.
Boost to 999 km/h.
Win a Checkpoints race.
Finish a race in splitscreen mode.
Win a side race.
Buy all possible cars.
Escape pursuit, don't let them arrest you!
Hijack a cool car, avoiding the police.
Win a Spinning competition.
Win a Drag race against racers from "The Forsage" club.
Win the Professionals' Triple race.
Get the car to the garage in time.
Jump from the rocket monument.
Get a tip about Gaika from "The Jokers".
Get a tip about Gaika from "The Furious".
Get a tip about Gaika from "The Forsage".
Find Gaika.
Win the last race against Arcady.
Finish the race with a new boosting device.