Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space Trophy List

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Who's who?
My Doctor said I should drink more!
I should check the expiration date first!
I'll turn into Ratman!
Never tempt fate...
You don't want to wear a red shirt on landing-party duty
I carry bricks with me everywhere I go.
Great Scott!
Barbecue time!
No, Really, Don't!
I'm lightning!
I think I could be an NBA All Star!
I had no choice... It was me or it!
With great power, comes great responsibility!
Elementary, my dear Watson!
I'm a genius!
So 80's...
I sleep with the fishes.
Damn! I'm a watchman, not a gardener!
if you can dodge a wrench...
To cola! The cause of... and solution to... all of life's problems!
Or stupid?
They go down slowly...
All submarines should be yellow...
The second-dumbest creature in the universe.
The real crowbar!
I'm a nightwatchman, not a doctor!
Don't cross the streams!