AFL Live 2 Trophy List

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Complete all other trophies.
Create a Custom Career Player in AFL Live 2
Kick 6+ goals in a game.
Take 3+ marks within 50 in a game.
Perform 10 tackles in a game.
Play out a draw.
Win a game by more than 100 points. Unlocks Tru Blu Team.
Win a single match against a team in a higher league.
Finish a season in career mode with a majority of games won.
Finish a season without losing a game. Unlocks Tom Harley All Stars Team.
End a career season where a footballer has kicked 100 or more than goals. Unlocks DC Legends Team.
Win the NAB Under 18 cup in competition mode. Unlocks Williamstown Stadium.
Win the NAB cup in any mode.
Win the TAC Cup. Unlocks Port Melbourne Stadium.
Win the International Cup. Unlocks Internationals for Single and Online play.
Win the VFL Premiership. Unlocks Heritage Guernseys.
Win the AFL Premiership. Unlocks Bendigo Stadium.
Win the AFL Premiership 3 times during in a single career.
Win 3 AFL Premierships in a row. Unlocks Whitehorse Stadium.
Complete career mode in AFL Live 2.
Complete career mode on hard or above manager difficulty in AFL Live 2.
Top goal scorer in TAC with a player on your team.
Top goal scorer in VFL with a player on your team.
Have one of your players win the JJ Liston Medal.
Have one of your players win the Morrish Medal.
Finish top of the table in the AFL at the end of the regular season.
Have one of your players win the Brownlow Medal. Unlocks All Stars Team.
Have one of your players win the Coleman medal. Unlocks Victorian Team.
Have one of your players win the Norm Smith Medal. Unlocks TIO Stadium.
One of your players win the NAB Rising Star.
Have average stats of 95 on your career player.
Watch the entire game credits for AFL Live 2. Unlocks Big Head mode.
Win an online game.
Win a online game with more behinds than goals.
Win a online game with exactly 20 goals and 13 behinds.