The Longest Five Minutes Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies
Watch Haru live/Fuzz live Ending
Watch Haru die/Fuzz live Ending
Watch Haru live/Fuzz die Ending
Complete all memories
RPG Lv. 5 Greet Chloe before departing.
RPG Lv. 5 Greet Yanagi before departing.
RPG Lv. 5 Greet Kogure before departing.
RPG Lv. 7 Travel through the moss-covered cave.
RPG Lv. 7 Resolve the soldiers' argument.
RPG Lv. 7 Deliver something for the forgetful maid.
RPG Lv. 13 Cross the sea to reach Gastonbury.
RPG Lv. 13 Deliver lunch to the sailors at the port.
RPG Lv. 13 Listen to the rich man's request.
RPG Lv. 20 Go all the way through the Gates of Hell.
RPG Lv. 20 Get the worker a better drill.
RPG Lv. 20 Look for the bunny girl's earring.
RPG Lv. 26 Handle the problem at Galactica Tower.
RPG Lv. 26 Obtain a high score at Naraca's Inn.
RPG Lv. 26 Help the man in the dressing room.
RPG Lv. 28 Arrive at Gastonbury.
RPG Lv. 28 Get five 7s on the slot machine.
RPG Lv. 28 Reunite the lost boy and his mother.
RPG Lv. 30 Report to the King.
RPG Lv. 34 Escape the prison.
RPG Lv. 34 Destroy all of the statues.
RPG Lv. 37 Leave Stardust Island.
RPG Lv. 37 Give the amulet to the dirty-looking man.
RPG Lv. 39 Cross the bridge.
RPG Lv. 43 Reach the summit of the mountain.
RPG Lv. 43 Find the woman living on Mount Kuuretsu.
RPG Lv. 43 Give Agliana's autograph to the soldier.
RPG Lv. 47 Arrive at Tenmagahara.
RPG Lv. 47 Listen to the boy's love troubles.
RPG Lv. 52 Arrive at the Goddess's Sanctuary.
RPG Lv. 68 Pass through the Fog-infested corridor.
RPG Lv. 62 Grant Chloe's grandmother her final wish.
RPG Lv. 62 Help the fisherman with his problem.
RPG Lv. 62 Complete step one of Fancy Man's quiz.
RPG Lv. 64 Obtain Scarlet Shells from the beach.
RPG Lv. 64 Capture the escaped prisoner.
RPG Lv. 64 Complete step two of Fancy Man's quiz.
RPG Lv. 66 Investigate the mysterious tower.
RPG Lv. 66 Obey the "King"'s orders.
RPG Lv. 66 Complete step three of Fancy Man's quiz.
RPG Lv. 57 Remember all that happened at the park.
RPG Lv. 57 Get a high score at the attraction.
RPG Lv. 4 Pass the Hero Selection Exam.
RPG Lv. 3 Remember what happened five years ago.
RPG Lv. 59 Help Flash stand back up.
RPG Lv. 23 Don't peek into the women's bath.
RPG Lv. 23 Regent learns an important lesson.
RPG Lv. 29 Find Samir Esope's diary.
RPG Lv. 29 Go shopping with Clover.
RPG Lv. 29 Find a place to stay for the night.