Strike Vector Ex Trophy List

Ace of Aces Ace of Aces
Unlock all Trophies.
Pilot and Killer Pilot and Killer
[Campaign] Finish the Campaign.
Coin Collector Coin Collector
[Campaign] Win at least a Gold medal in all Stadium Challenges.
Raging Tears Raging Tears
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 5.
The End of Innocence The End of Innocence
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 4.
Rebel with a Cause Rebel with a Cause
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 3.
It's a Pirate's Life for Me It's a Pirate's Life for Me
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 2.
Cannon Fodder Cannon Fodder
[Campaign] Complete Chapter 1.
Eager to Fight Eager to Fight
[Campaign] Mission 1 : Finish the Mission in less than 4 minutes.
Too Fast for You Too Fast for You
[Campaign] Mission 3 : Finish the race in less than 47 seconds.
I Will Survive I Will Survive
Destroy an enemy Vector with 1 Health Point remaining.
Danger! Minefield Danger! Minefield
Destroy an enemy Vector with Mines.
Pyrotechnician Pyrotechnician
Destroy 200 explosive Fuel Tankers or Cargos.
Daisy, Daisy... Daisy, Daisy...
Destroy an enemy Vector with a Stalker.
One stone, Two birds. One stone, Two birds.
Destroy an enemy Vector by shooting an explosive environment object.
Dodgeball King Dodgeball King
Dodge 50 Homing Missiles with Strafe Boost/Barrel Roll.
Stuntman Stuntman
Pass through 10 Boost Gates in less than 30 seconds.
Pappy 45 Pappy 45
[Multiplayer] Reach Vector Master grade (level 45).
Vector Killer Vector Killer
[Multiplayer] Destroy 300 enemy Vectors.
We Need Another Hero We Need Another Hero
[Multiplayer-CTF] Capture the Enemy Flag and return it to the Base without dying.
The Gunsmith The Gunsmith
[Multiplayer] Destroy at least 1 enemy Vector with each weapon.
Victory! Victory!
[Multiplayer] Win a multiplayer match in any game mode.
A New Beginning A New Beginning
Upgrade your Prestige Level for the first time.
It's Definitely You! It's Definitely You!
[Multiplayer] Destroy 50 enemy Vectors with Gatlings.
Charlene Charlene
[Multiplayer] Destroy 40 enemy Vectors with Carabines.
Rocket Punch! Rocket Punch!
[Multiplayer] Destroy 50 enemy Vectors with Rockets.
Glue Pot Glue Pot
[Multiplayer] Destroy 40 enemy Vectors with Homing Missiles.
Bull's Eye Bull's Eye
[Multiplayer] Destroy 30 enemy Vectors with Plasma Guns.
Big Guns Big Guns
[Multiplayer] Destroy 50 enemy Vectors with Shotguns.
Fireworks Fireworks
[Multiplayer] Destroy 40 enemy Vectors with Swarms Missiles.
Incognito Incognito
[Multiplayer-King of the Hill] Capture a Strategic Point with the Ghost Device activated.
Insanity Insanity
[Multiplayer] Destroy 3 enemy Vectors with the same Strike Damage Bonus.
Express Delivery Express Delivery
[Multiplayer] Destroy a Bonus Drone.
Thunderstruck Thunderstruck
Destroy an enemy Vector with the Tesla.
Give Me Five... Again Give Me Five... Again
[Multiplayer] Win 3 High-Five Medals.
Last Action Hero Last Action Hero
[Multiplayer] Destroy an enemy Vector with self-destruction action.
Not a Rookie Anymore Not a Rookie Anymore
[Multiplayer] First kill.
I Have the Power! I Have the Power!
[Multiplayer] Destroy 3 enemy Vectors without dying.
The Harvester The Harvester
[Multiplayer] Collect 15 Bonus Crates.
Give it to Me Give it to Me
[Multiplayer] Collect a Crate with the Rocket Booster active.