Battlefield 1 Trophy Guide

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  • Author : Yokaifamily26
  • Time To 100% : 30-40 hrs.
  • Difficulty : 2/10
  • Online Trophies : 10/32
  • Offline Trophies : 22/32
  • Missable Trophies : 0 (Chapter Select)
  • Glitched Trophies : 0
  • Num Playthroughs : 1

Platinum Walkthrough [toggle]

Step 1: Complete the Campaign on Normal while doing challenges

Keep your eyes open for the challenges, collectibles and misc. trophies while playing through the campaign on Normal. This makes the step up to Hard much less stressful. There is one challenge you need to be mindful of, which is to "Destroy 10 aircraft within 30 seconds using the stationary weapon in Forte et Fidele". Now this is only a problem for people who have the digital version of the game, if you own the disc you can just uninstall the update and play offline. The reason for the difficulty here is because the "stationary weapon" has been drastically nerfed, making it nearly impossible to complete this challenge while this update is installed.

In this step you will earn:

pstbronzeFriends in High Places
pstbronzeNothing is Written
pstbronzeThrough Mud and Blood
pstbronzeAvanti Savoia!
pstbronzeThe Runner
pstsilverTaking down giants
pstsilverAll men dream
pstsilverSound of thunder
pstsilverConquering the mountains
pstsilverThe hills of Gallipoli
pstbronzeThe Great War
pstbronzeCatching up on some reading
pstgoldEnough for a library
pstbronzeUp to the challenge
pstsilverPutting in the effort
pstgoldMaster of adaptation

Step 2: Complete the Campaign on Hard

Now just beat the game on Hard. See The War to End All Wars for more tips and details.

In this step you will earn:

pstsilverThe War to End All Wars

Step 3: Multiplayer

Next just win in Operations and rank up each of your classes in the online multiplayer. The scout is by far the longest and hardest class to rank up, as they only have bolt action rifles so you're mostly stuck in the distance just scraping up points, but give it time and you'll earn the online trophies.

In this step you will earn:

pstbronzePlay the Objective
pstgoldAssault Enlistment
pstgoldMedic Enlistment
pstgoldScout Enlistment
pstgoldSupport Enlistment

Step 4: Clean Up

You're probably just missing a few challenges or miscellanious trophies at this point, simply earn whatever you have left and you'll get your platinum trophy.

In this step you will earn:

pstplatinumWorld War One Hero
pstbronzeUp close and personal
pstbronzeMightier than the shovel
pstbronzeShock Wave
pstsilverTriple Boluk-Bashi

Obtain all trophies

Congrats on the Platinum.

Win 1 Operation in multiplayer

Operation is one of the new game modes added to Battlefield One. As an attacker you need to secure flags like you would in Conquest, while as a defender you need to defend these flags. The defenders have infinite lives, so die as much as you need. The attackers have three "battalion", each with 250 soldiers. If you are looking to win as an attacker it is recommended you go as a medic, as each soldier you revive will add one more soldier you can expend. Additionally do not even try winning as the attacker on the desert operation. There are three maps (as opposed to the usual two), and each map gets harder to break the defensive positions in.

Just keep playing Operations until you end up on a winning team. There are only two teams so you're bound to win within the first few matches. If you're struggling through a few matches, note that defenders tend to always win, and you can usually switch teams even during a match.

Using a bolt action rifle, kill an enemy Scout in multiplayer

If you have a friend that has Battlefield One you can easily just invite him to your game, one of you change teams, meet up as scouts, then shoot each other. If you don't have a friend just practice playing as a scout in Operations. There are so many enemy scouts you'll easily spot the glares coming from their scopes. Just aim for their head and fire. If you suck at sniping though you can play as a calvery unit, as they all have bolt action rifles too.

Complete 25 Squad Orders in multiplayer

This trophy will come naturally while you play either Conquest or Operations. As long as you're in a squad just keep an eye out for an objective that has four green arrows around the objective marker. Go to the objective and either capture it or defend it for about a minute, then you'll have a squad order completed. Do this 25 times for the trophy.

If your squad leader isn't issuing orders you can hold psr1 then down to "request order". If he still doesn't issue an order for about two to three minutes, then you'll become squad leader and you can issue the orders yourself.

Earn 450 Warbonds in multiplayer

Warbonds are awarded by leveling up in multiplayer. You'll earn 450 naturally, so just play the multiplayer while trying to get points for faster leveling.


Reach Rank 10 in multiplayer

Much like the Warbonds trophy, this will pop naturally once you reach level 10, which is an extremely quick level to achieve. Play as the medic class so you can revive your teammates and place healthpacks to get points for healing as this is the fastest and safest way to level up.

Reach Assault Rank 2 in multiplayer

Assaults are your anti-tank rushers. There's really nothing more you can do other than earn kills or play the objective to increase your assault rank. Fortunately you have a choice to use an assault rifle or a shotgun, both of which are deadly even when weilded by a new player.

Reach Medic Rank 2 in multiplayer

This will likely be the easiest class to reach rank 2 in, as Medics have some of the best and most versitile weapons, and they can revive and heal teammates for extra xp. Simply push the objectives with your teammates and heal them when they need it.

Reach Scout Rank 2 in multiplayer

Unless you enjoy playing as a sniper, the scout is going to be a painful and slow process. You can use the spot flare for some extra points, and gain your experience simply by playing the objective.

Reach Support Rank 2 in multiplayer

Support is your ammo-based class. Their role is to give ammo to teammates and make sure they're well supplied. You can also use a repair tool to fix vehicles and turrets, or just play the objective. Their LMGs make getting kills easy as well. 

Reach Rank 1 with all 4 Infantry classes in multiplayer

Reaching rank 1 with each class is quick and you should earn this while trying out each of the classes anyway. If you're stuck on a particular class, see it's respective trophy for more details:

pstgoldAssault Enlistment
pstgoldMedic Enlistment
pstgoldScout Enlistment
pstgoldSupport Enlistment

Complete Friends in High Places


Friends in High Places is the second chapter in the campaign, and all you need to do is complete all four missions in it on any difficulty.

Complete Nothing is Written


Nothing is Written is the final chapter in the campaign, and is a total of three missions. Complete these on any difficulty for the trophy.

Complete Through Mud and Blood


Through Mud and Blood is the first chapter (after the prologue) in the campaign. Just complete it on any difficulty for the trophy. It's the longest chapter, totalling four missions (each longer than those in Friends in High Places).

Complete Avanti Savoia!


Avanti Savoia is the third chapter in the campaign, and is the shortest and easiest of the five. It's only two missions long and you get a suit of heavy armor for the first one.

Complete The Runner


The Runner is the fourth chapter in the campaign and is a total of three levels. Complete it on any difficulty for the trophy.

Unlock all Codex Entries in Friends in High Places

There are four chapters with eleven codex entries in Friends in High Places.

To Be Ace - Finish the target practice in Test Flight.
Dicta Boelcke Don't lose the trail during the chase in Test Flight.

Bloody April - Have at least four bombers survive a bombing run in Total War.
Strategic Bombing - Destroy the fort in Total War.

No Man's Land - Reach no man's land undetected in Fall from Grace.
Booby Traps - Use tripwire bombs to kill 2 enemies in Fall from Grace.
A War in France - Collect all Field Manuals in Fall from Grace.

Gotha Raids on London - Take down the bombers in Forte et Fidele.
Airborne Cannons - Destroy 10 aircraft within 30 seconds using the stationary weapon in Forte et Fidele.
(This challenge is near impossible with the latest updates. If you have the disc version, uninstall the updates and play offline to make this codex easier to acquire).
Jousting with Dragons - Collect the Field Manuals in Forte et Fidele.
Dawn of Dogfights - Complete Friends in High Places.

Unlock all Codex Entries in Nothing is Written

There are three chapters with eleven codex entries.

The Hejaz Railway - Scout the crash site in Hidden in Plain Sight.
The Bedouin - Find the book without being detected in Hidden in Plain Sight.
Celebrities - Collect all Field Manuals in Hidden in Plain Sight.

Gertrude Bell – Kill one of the officers by using a bolt-action rifle in Young Men’s Work.
T.E. Lawrence – Kill one of the officers with a melee attack in Young Men’s Work.
Tanks in Desert Warfare – Kill one of the officers by using a tank in young Men’s Work.
Role of Women in World War 1 – Collect all Field Manuals in Young Men’s Work.

Desert Cars– Destroy the three vehicles while undetected in Hear The Desert.
Planes Above The Sand – Keep at least 2 field guns operational in Hear the Desert.
Guerilla Warfare – Collect all Field Manuals in Hear the Desert.
Arab Revolt – Complete Nothing is Written.

Unlock all Codex Entries in Through Mud and Blood

There are a total of four chapters with 13 codex entries.

German Anti-Tank Tactics - Destroy all field guns in Over the Top.
Observation Balloons - Defeat 5 enemies while on foot in Over the Top.
Tank Shock - Collect all Field Manuals in Over the Top.

Guiding Bess - Get through the forest without being detected in Fog of War.
Forest Combat - Get through the forest without any melee kills in Fog of War.
Gone Chemical - Collect all Field Manuals in Fog of War.

Stealing Tanks - Collect all engine components without being detected.
Tank Hunters - Retrieve the first engine component in Breakdown.
Aircraft Support - Collect all Field Manuals in Breakdown.

Bourlon Wood - Don't let the tank get damaged before clearing the village in Steel on Steel.
Beutepanzers - Destroy one of the captured Mark V tanks in Steel on Steel.
There's Always a First - Collect all Field manuals in Steel on Steel.
Towards Cambrai - Complete Through Mud and Blood.

Unlock all Codex Entries in Avanti Savoia!

Avanti Savoia! has two chapters with seven codex entries.

Farina Armor - Defeat 5 enemies with grenades.
The Daring Ones - Join the fight as an Arditi Elite Troop.
Coming Together - Collect all Field Manuals in O La Vittoria.

Where Eagles Dare - Defeat 10 enemies with your sidearm in O Tutti Accoppati.
Beyond Belief - Witness the explosion of the mountain side in O Tutti Accoppati.
Alpine War - Collect all Field Manuals in O Tutti Accoppati.
Among Peaks of Kings - Complete Avanti Savoia!.

Unlock all Codex Entries in The Runner

The runner are three chapters long with ten codex entries.

Big Guns - Call in the Offshore barrage in Cape Helles.
Torpedo Exploit - Get 10 headshots kills in Cape Helles.
Battery Beyond - Collect all Field Manuals in Cape Helles.

Drip Gun - Defeat 10 enemies with a sidearm in The Runner.
Geology - Defeat 5 Enemies with rifle grenades in The Runner.
Trench Runners - Collect all Field Manuals in The Runner.

River Clyde - Defeat 5 enemies with grenades in Be Safe.
Sedd El Bahr - Defeat 10 enemies with melee attacks in Be Safe.
Gallipoli Myths - Collect all Field Manuals in Be Safe.
The Dardanelles - Complete The Runner.

Perform a melee kill on 10 enemies anywhere in the campaign

As long as you try to stealth the stealth missions in this game, which you'll come across a lot, you will get far more than 10 melee kills. If you would rather just get this trophy out of the way, during the first mission you can just run up to enemies on easy and knife them with R3, then repeat this 10 times.

Find the hidden Cavalry Sword and take down an enemy on the French countryside in the campaign

The Calvary Sword is located in a bar in the town that's in the third mission (Breakdown) of Through Mud and Blood. Once you find the Sword pick it up and kill an enemy with it.

Kill 5 enemies by using dynamite in the campaign

Dynamite is located within medium sized green crates found throughout the different levels, and will come with three sticks. Walk up to a group of enemies, throw a stick and blow it up. Do this until you get the trophy. If you run out of dynamite you can kill yourself, respawn with more, then get more kills, as the trophy stacks across lives.

You can find dynamite across most levels, but especially in Through Mud and Blood.

Kill all 3 Ottoman officers in Young Men's Work with melee kills in the campaign

In the mission Young Men's Work in Nothing is Written you will be tasked to kill 3 Ottoman officers. Normally you can just use your guns or a tank, but for this trophy you MUST kill all 3 with your melee weapon. Now you don't need to stealth kill them, so you could just run up and stab them, then quickly run away before their soldiers open fire on you, or you can take out all the guards then sneak up on the officers. Both methods will earn you the trophy.

Complete the campaign on Normal difficulty

See The War to End All Wars.

Complete the campaign on Hard difficulty

This game is so much less frustrating than Battlefield 4's difficulty. All you need to do is use cover often and make sure you actually sneak during sneaking missions. AI's intelligence doesn't seem to change at all when it comes to higher difficulties and stealth, so you can still sneak by them just as easily.

When it comes to the vehicle missions just remember you can repair your tank and plane if they get damaged. Take it slow and keep your eyes open for enemies with AT and AA weapons.

Collect one Field Manual in the campaign

See Enough for a Library.

Collect all Field Manuals in the campaign

Field manuals act as this game's collectibles, and is fairly similar to the "intel" from most Call of Duty games. This video shows all the Field Manuals in the game:

Complete one challenge in the campaign

See Master of Adaptation.

Complete 10 challenges in the campaign

See Master of Adaptation.

Complete all challenges in the campaign

There are a total of 53 challenges in the game, each one can be seen as a codex page, and each challenge can be seen in better detail if you scroll up to their respective trophies:


pstsilverTaking down giants
pstsilverAll men dream
pstsilverSound of thunder
pstsilverConquering the mountains
pstsilverThe hills of Gallipoli