Why does nobody make a big deal about the series X SSD?

Everybody is talking about how the PS5 is going to be a real game changer because it has an SSD that will load games super fast. The Xbox Series S and X are also coming with an SSD drive. Why does nobody seem to make a big deal about this either. Surely the SSD in the PS5 is not going to give it an edge over the Xbox when the Xbox also has an SSD?

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You are correct in saying that both consoles have an SSD. Sony have told us that they have engineered the PS5 to take full advantage of the SSD. They have apparently built a custom SSD setup that allows them to get some extra performance out of the drive. 

Most of us are not engineers and could not understand this even if given the evidence, we just have to take Sony’s word for it. They have however demonstrated some games that are taking advantage of the storage and it does look impressive. Microsoft have not done the same, which would suggest that Sony have been able to engineer something different to make their SSD better.


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Xbox Series

The Xbox series console is the successor to the Xbox One. The console comes in two variations. The Xbox Series S and The Xbox Series X


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