Is there a way to store stuff in chests?

I am having a hard time keeping my inventory under control. All it takes is for one flower or something random like this to take up valuable space. I deposit as much stuff as I can to the museum but for things like wheat, which I never use, I have filled the museum and It is getting annoying now having to delete the same things over and over when they get picked up. Is there a chest or something similar to what we have in Minecraft that will let me store my items when I am not using them? I need to have something that lets me store items outside of ymy inventory. So I can dump coal, ore, thread and other common crafting items into this when I am off adventuring.
Is there a way to store stuff in chests Forager

Is there a way to take items from your inventory an store them in chests or some other thing that doesnt mean i have to throw the items away?. See below for the answer to this question.

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Yes, further down the skill tree, you will find an item called a vault. This will allow you to store 6 unique items in the vault and clear them out of your inventory. You can build as many of the vaults as you like. They do require steel though so it might be a little further down the road before you have all of the resources you need to be able to construct one. You will find the vault in the economy side of the skill tree.

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