Upload speed to one drive from Series X is Super slow?


I am trying to upload some images from my Xbox Series X to my one drive and the uploads seem to be taking forever. It seems to be at least 2 minutes between each upload with some of them taking even longer. Is there a way to fix this to make it faster?

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SteveSickle89 -

These uploads can be slow at times and a few factors can influence it, some of which you cant fix. The first is your broadband speed. If it is slow, the uploads will be slow and there isn’t much you can do on the Xbox to make this run any faster.

If you are running a game and uploading images in the background, try exiting the game. All network traffic becomes insanely slow when a game is running on the Xbox. I would suggest you exit it if you are in a rush to get the images uploaded to your one drive.

Also consider the image sizes. If you have the game resolution set to 4k, you could be uploading image files that are close to 10mb. This is a fairly large size and depending on your connection speed, could cause some uploads to one drive to go slowly.

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