Please Punish Timmy Quest Bug


In the general atomics building, there is an unmarked quest to do some nanny jobs in 3 test rooms. The first room asks you to punish Timmy. To do this you need to turn the radio off, but this glitches a lot of the time. This glitch, in particular, is one of the most annoying I have ever seen. If this glitches you will find that every single building no matter where you will hear the messages.

“The child needs discipline, punish the child, punish Timmy”

I have tried blowing the crap out of poor Timmy to no avail. I have tried messing with the radio many times. Nothing fixes this. Has anyone been able to fix this? I dont have a game save to restore to. 

Please Punish Timmy Quest Bug
Fallout 4

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1 Answer

NukeZer0 -

The quest is completely screwed up and hardly ever works. The only way around it is to use console commands if you are playing on PC or to restore to an early game save, which seems like it is not an option for you. Unfortunately, your options are limited.

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