Burning Shores first mission glitched?


I’m experiencing a frustrating glitch in the very first mission of the game where I’m supposed to follow Seyka up the tower after fighting a big machine. Seyka just stops and doesn’t lead the way anymore. I’ve tried various methods to fix the issue, such as reloading the game and trying different campfires, but nothing has worked so far. I’ve seen many others facing the same issue on a YouTube video’s comments section. Can anyone provide a solution to get past this glitch in the first mission?

Burning Shores first mission glitched
Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

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4 Answers

semi -

same problem. saw it was caused by starting side quests before ascending the tower. she was pretty close to the site so I shot her in the face to get her close to the tower. a headshot will move her about 2 meters. she will snap out of the glitch and start leading you again when close enough to the objective.

JonnyWhatever -

I loaded up a previous save file from before the bilegut fight and that fixed it for me.

bandersnatch -

I experienced a similar situation, but I managed to find a workaround by deliberately jumping off a cliff and dying in the game. When I respawned, both Seyka and I were at the entrance of the tower, and the mission resumed as expected. You might want to try this technique, as it could potentially resolve the problem for you as well.

bandersnatch -

I also faced this obstacle, but I could make the mission progress by implementing a few steps. Firstly, I approached the tower, which was blocked. Seyka was able to pass through the invisible barrier, but I couldn’t. Then, I retreated to the fire, created a new save, exited the game, and closed the application. Upon reopening the game, Seyka started leading the way, and the mission proceeded as planned. You may want to test this method to see if it helps you move forward.


  1. I have same problem. Seems a lot do. A patch is needed to fix

  2. Here didn’t work… I did a lot of exploration in the island while hope for a fix

  3. The above suggestion that bandersnatch made worked for me!

  4. Seyka is just not moving, I’ve tried these suggestions but nothing works, it’s so frustrating not being able to even do the first quest

  5. I’m having the same issues even deleted the game and dlc still didn’t fix it. Killed myself still didn’t work. Auto save didn’t show up far enough back to restart. I’ve tried everything and can’t do anything else in the game but roam that’s it

    • I’m in the same boat. I might be able to go do side quests while we wait for a patch but I don’t have a game save to go back to before a started a side quest. They shouldn’t have made the side quest at Fleet’s End active until after the tower is that was necessary.

  6. Tried above all and nothing worked. Completely Stuck, can move forward nor can go back to foribben west.
    have updated the new ver 1.022 and still nothing.

  7. I’m almost done playing. Tried every suggested options and moves several times with no result. Seyka starting to run but just around the first corner she stoppen. She will follow-up Aloy till naar the entrance but no way she goes further. So disappointed for my far out most precies game.

  8. Same here. Tried all suggestions. Nothing worked. It was my most favoriete game. But it may loose a star.

  9. Still solution for this glitch?

  10. This bug is still a problem after the patch. Not right. Game developers need to sort this crap out. This is not a free game.

  11. This glitch is ridiculous. I paid for this DLC a month before it came out and I can’t even play the damn thing I can’t do my side missions I can’t go back. I’ve tried all the methods that other people said it’s work for them. Absolutely love this game but now I get where I kind of hate it because I can’t do nothing now. I am so frustrated.

  12. It isn’t acceptable that this still isn’t fixed. It’s the very first mission and you can’t leave the island and do anything else while waiting. So much is restricted because we can’t fly at this point either.

  13. Should it be reported to guerrilla games or playstation Sony or both?

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