Merlin Trial In The Stone Circle


I have activated the stone circle merlin challenge and I can’t figure out what I need to do. I see there are a bunch of pillars around the place with the leaves above them that show they are related to the task. I have used a bunch of different spells on these but I don’t get it. Even just looking at them doesn’t give away much on what you would be expected to do here. Anyone able to solve this one?

Merlin Trial In The Stone Circle
Hogwarts Legacy

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1 Answer

savageeye -

You will need to have unlocked the Confringo spell for this challenge. All you need to do is blow up all of the stone pillars with the green gem stones on them. Once you have destroyed all of them the challenge will be completed. You may be able to use other explosive spells if you have more unlocked but the Confringo spell is what worked for me

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