Herodiana's Puzzle Part 3 Solution

herodiana's puzzle part 3

The first two puzzle rooms in the hall of Herodiana were quite easy to solve. When I got to the third part of the puzzle, I was completely stumped. I spent around 15 minutes trying everything from breaking the bricks into 2 separate bricks to trying to jump on the block while it was moving in other to surf to the other side. Nothing works.

The solution is actually quite simple and it has been staring you in the face. The worst part about this for me is I have already completed one of these rooms in a different area of the castle and only now am I figuring out the solution.

How To Solve Herodiana’s Puzzle Part 3

The video guide below will show you the full solution along with the correct approach for moving the blocks around in order to get to the other side of the room.

herodianas puzzle part 3
This rotating thing in the middle of the room will reset the puzzle when you hit it. This allows you to get across to the first set of blocks to the left before resetting the puzzle.

The best thing to do from here is to watch the video below as it will show you how to correctly move the blocks around the room in order to be able to solve the puzzle. The short version is you cross over to the blocks on the left and then reset the puzzle before going over to the far end.

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