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Demons are one of the most common evil creatures used in games that are based in some kind of hellish setting. Demons are creatures that are dark beings that aim to cause destruction and misery. Befriending demons is not something that is typically seen, even demons seem to hate each other.

Demons are very common in games. While it is normally based on some biblical setting, demons can be used to refer to some kind of horned monster that is an enemy of the player.

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Getting Drunk and Killing Demons..I'm In!

I spotted a game called Big Drunk Satanic Massacre a few weeks back and it looked pretty crazy. The name was enough to give the impression that this was going to be more about blowing shit up and less about...
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Female Demon Name Generator

Female demons are not something you come across too often in fiction. Most evil monsters and demons tend to be men. Since there is no reason for this, why not add a bit of diversity to your team of evil...
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Demon Name Generator

Coming up with a dark and scary name for a demon is a lot harder than you might think. You can’t just pick your average name and stick something to the end. Nobody is going to take “Bob The Bloodthirsty”...


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