How To Pick Locked Doors

As you begin to explore Hogwarts Castle in the early stages of the game, you will notice there are lots of large padlocks on many of the doors. They are highlighted blue when you get close. It is not possible to interact with them as they show you need a Level 1 lock or sometimes higher to be able to go inside. So how do you unlock doors in this game?

If you are familiar with the movies, or even past games, you may remember the spell that is used to unlock things. The spell is called Alohomora and this is what you will need to obtain in order to unlock doors.

locked door in hogwarts legacy

How To Obtain Alohomora In Hogwarts Legacy

If you look over your list of spells, you may notice that Alohomora is not listed as a spell you can equip. That is because the spell is treated like Revelio. You do not need to equip it to use it but rather, you can cast it whenever you are dealing with a lock.

In order to get the spell, you are going to need to push ahead with the main story quests of the game. You will eventually get a quest from the caretaker to collet Demiguise moons for Gladwin. As part of this quest, he will teach you the Alohomora spell and from here on you can use it for other doors in the castle.

How To Unlock Doors Using Alohomora

Now that you have the spell to unlock the doors, you are likely going to have trouble figuring out how to complete the mini-game. You will see a set of gears and rotating the thumb sticks will rotate the gears but what are you supposed to do. I will explain in some detail but the video below will likely be of more help to you.

To unlock doors in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to rotate each thumbstick until a gear starts moving. The gear will move slightly when you go past it so fine-tune the position until the gear stays rotating. Once you have this for one gear, do the same for the other until both are rotating. Once both are rotating, you will complete the mini-game and the door will unlock.

How To Get Higher Level Unlocking?

Once you get the spell, you will notice that you are still unable to unlock doors marked with Level II and Level III. This is because there are tiers of this spell and to unlock 2 and 3, you will need to collect more of the demiguise moons and return them to Gladwin before you are able to obtain the higher level spells.

how to unlock level ii locks
The quest log for the man behind the moons will show you that Alohomora II and III are rewards for collecting the statues.
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