How To Unlock The Eyeball Chests

There are lots of different chest types hidden around Hogwarts. They come in all shapes and sizes and vary in how difficult they are to unlock. One of the most unique quests is these large white chests that contain a large eyeball on them. As soon as you walk close enough to the chest, the eye will open up, preventing you from being able to unlock the chest. So how do you unlock them?

The large eyeball chests require you to be able to sneak. The clue to unlocking them is actually printed on the front of the chest itself.

how to open eyeball chest in Hogwarts legacy
If you walk up close to these chests, you will see an icon is printed on the front of them. Looks like half an eye. This matches a spell

You will need to cloak yourself using the Disillusionment spell. This will make you somewhat invisible and allow you to sneak. In order to unlock the eyeball chests, you will need to stand a good distance away from the chest before you enable the spell. Once you are cloaked, you can sneak toward the chest and when you are close enough, you will be able to unlock the chest.

If you are unsure how to approach these chests correctly, check out the video guide below that will show you what you need to do to unlock the chests that have large eyes on them in Hogwarts Legacy.

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