How long until Mithrax and Eidon finish studying?


I am stuck on step 41 of the sails of a shipstealer quest for season 18. I completed the last quest a few days ago and it updated to say

“Mithrax and Eido are studying what you recovered from the pirate hideout. They will contact you when they have more information”

When are they going to contact me, it seems to have glitched out?

How long until Mithrax and Eidon finish studying
Destiny 2

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1 Answer

SteveSickle89 -

It will update when the next round of quests is available for the season pass. This quest line is linked to the season of plunder and since it’s still rolling out week by week, the objectives of this quest will pause for a while and give you this message until the next week worth of updates are released. 

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