How To Use Join Codes In Destiny 2

If you have started taking part in any of the Destiny 2 LFG communities, you will find that join codes are frequently used in chat rooms. You will see something along the lines of “/join username#XXXX“. These Destiny 2 join commands will allow you to join another player’s fireteam. Running these is easy on PC, but what about on a console such as Xbox or PlayStation, where you have no keyboard?

Consoles do have access to a text chat, a rather clunky one that can really get in the way of the screen but it does exist. A problem may arise for some players here who have chosen to disable this chat window as it is required in order to be able to use the join commands on console. If you have disabled the chat window from the game settings menu, you will have to turn it back on to make use of the join commands.

How To Run Join Commands On PlayStation & Xbox

If you are on a planet, you can open up your ghost and press right on the D-pad to open up the text window. If you are in orbit, you will be able to open the chat window by simply pressing right and you will see the button prompt at the bottom of the screen.

Using the virtual keyboard for your console, enter the full join command making sure to use the slash and then press X or A to send the message. Once you send the message, you will see a window pop up telling you that you are about to join the fireteam.

The video guide below will show you how to run the commands if any of the information above is unclear to you. The video is from PlayStation but the process is the exact same on Xbox.

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