How do you get the cog to the back of the tower?


I have unlocked the cog from the cage and I see the slot at the back of the tower that I need to connect it to. As soon as I stepped outside the beach a big wall comes up and I can’t figure out how to touch the red crystal off the other one in order to unlock the way forward?

How do you get the cog to the back of the tower

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1 Answer

GuacamoleFantastic -

This is another really trippy one that goes against you traditional puzzle game mechanic. You need to use the rock with the orange towel on it. You will notice the bridge is missing a barrier and you can jump onto it. Throw the red stone over the edge, jump on the rock and go down after it. You will be in the land of the giants now but also inside the barrier. Go touch the red crystal against the other one and the barrier will vanish.


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