Maquette Mini Building Grid Puzzle Solution

This puzzle shows up later into Maquette where you must use two small building models and place them on a grid where they will appear in front of you full-sized. You will need to allow some overlap between both of the models in order to create a bridge that will allow you to easily walk over to the other side without falling into the gap.

Solving the first part of this puzzle is quite easy but you will get to the second half where the structures are coming out of the walls sideways. The solution that you used to get across earlier may not allow you to get to the other side.

Depending on how you placed the structures, you may see a hole in the far wall with the message “One day I wanted a breeze. I opened the Window and the cool air streamed in …”. Getting over to this hole can be a little tricky as you need to make a bridge to get over to this point and then need to also consider the changed grid on the other side.

exit from grid area
The exit for this area is tucked into the wall. You will need to position the two tower models on the grid in such a way that will allow you to get across to the second part and also give you a grid to the other side.

Go to the start of the puzzle and place both of the tower models onto the grid in the same way that you see in the image below. It is important that you position the taller parts of the tower in this exact way as the towers need to be able to overlap on the second part of this puzzle to create a link between them as they come off the sides of the wall.

maquette mini buildings
Place the two tower models onto the grid in this way in order to create a clear path to the other side.

Once you cross over the first part of this puzzle and get to the deeper hole where the structures are coming off the sides of the walls, you should see that the tips of both towers are now touching, allowing you to walk across them rather easily.

towers connect to get to hole
With both towers touching, you can jump onto the platform on the left and cross over the towers in the middle to get to the exit.
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