Stuck at the start of "The Exchange" level


I have just started the level called “The Exchange”. There is a bunch of ruined structures around the place but nothing that I seem to be able to interact with. There is a dome structure in the middle with a red roof which the cursor on the screen would suggest I am able to interact with. I dont seem to be able to do anything thougjh. I am trying to look inside to see what it might be allowing me to grab, the silver tree looks like it might be something that I could interact with but I dont seem to be able to touch it at all. What is the solution here?

Stuck at the start of The Exchange level

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GuacamoleFantastic -

This area is a bit glitched. Sort of like those tower models on the grid with the houses You can interact but moving them can be a glitchy chore. You will have to press circle to interact and keep messing around until you are eventually able to lift the dome up in the air. This will cause the stones around it to vanish and you will be able to start moving things around and move onto the next part.

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