How to climb steep stairs to get the book?

I have solved a few of the buildings in this area and i am now at one that has a book object at the top of some stairs that are way too steep to climb. There is a message at the bottom saying that “You still popped into my mind, here and there. Never the memories I wanted, and never with the feelings I wanted to feel……”. What are you supposed to do to make the stairs climbable?

How to climb steep stairs to get the book Maquette

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This one requires a new concept. The orientation of the main dome will determine the angle of the world outside. You will have noticed the big rocks that have appeared outside. If you place the dome sideways on a rock outside, you will see that your camera view is a bit strange when you turn around. Place the dome like it is in the image below and you will be able to go inside the building and be able to walk up the stairs. 

steep stairs solution

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