How to Unlock Chests and Doors With Red Electrical Orb

Around mid way through the game in Atlas Fallen, you will begin to notice chests and doorways that are locked with some kind of red glowing orb. The chests are underneath a sort of golden arch of chains with the red orb on top and the doorways are usually large golden doors with the red orb and arcs of red electricity coming from them. These are indeed doors and chests but how do you unlock them?

In order to unlock these, you will need to progress a little further with the main story. The ability to deal with this stuff will come much later and you will know when you get it. It will be the gauntlets crush ability which allows you to handle these and as with other powers of the gauntlet, you will need to upgrade it to deal with the main story quest.

red orb chest

The video above shows you how to unlock the chests and doors when you have the crush ability to do it.

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