How To Get Red Crystal Out Of Green House

The second world in Maquette you will get to the green house at the end of this world. This house contains a large key, which is relatively easy to take out of the house. Once the key is out, you will also need to get the red crystal out of the house. This is where things got difficult for me. I spent so long on this, I was beginning to think that I may have found a bug.

I did eventually find a solution to this problem. I am still not fully sure if this is the method the developers had indented but either way if you are trying to get the round red crystal out of the green house, this method will allow you to do it.

To get the red crystal back outside, you will need to make the green crystal small. Follow the steps below to complete the puzzle.

  • Bring the small green crystal to the porch
  • Drop the crystal as close to the green barrier as possible
  • Pick up the red crystal and drop it on top of the green crystal with a small offset so that it will bounce toward the green barrier
  • Drop it from a height to give you some extra time
  • Quickly pick up the green crystal and use it to unlock the green barrier.
  • The rolling red crystal should roll out the front door and will now be in the front garden.
  • Take the green crystal and return to the central model. You can pick up the red crystal from the front garden.
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