Resonance Amp Chests Location Guide

resonance amp chest

During your explorations after starting Season 19 in Destiny 2, there is a good chance you are going to stumble across a Resonance amp chest randomly. These are floating diamond-shaped chests that look like some kind of flight case. These are resonance amp chests and in order to unlock them, you are going to need to tune the correct resonance amp frequency.

If you are unsure how to obtain the resonance amp frequency for each chest, check out this guide to solving the required override frequency message. The short version is that you need to use Resonant stems to craft a frequency in the resonance amp in your inventory. Each time you do this, you will get a clue.

open resonance amp chest
When you have the correct resonance frequency active on the resonance amp, the chest will open up with a orange glow in the middle and music will be playing. The screen will turn a greenish hue when you are close

Solving Resonance Amp Clues

Each time you consume four resonant steps to create a frequency, you will get four words which describe the location. Going from left to right, it will detail the planet, the area on the planet, the notable location in that area and then the location of the chest within that notable area. Most are easy enough but some can be tricky. The guide below will contain all of the clues I have come across so far with the solution to each one.

Note: You MUST have the clue active before you can open the chest. You can only have one frequency tuned at a time so there is no point in seeking out chests that do not match the frequency clue.


From the spawn point in the northern area of Europa. Turn left and you will find a dome like structure partially submerged in the snow. Inside here, look up to see a metal catwalk. Jump up here and you will find the chest.


This one is in a similar location to the last chest. Travel to the eventide spawn point on Europa and turn right. Travel toward the cliff edge and look over. You will see a very small ledge jutting out. Jump down and make your way into this cave on the side of the cliff. You will find the chest to the left of the entrance.


Luna means the moon. This one is pretty easy to find. Spawn at the sanctuary point on the map and walk toward Eris. Just behind here, you will see a drop-down into a chasm. There is a small ledge, just behind the platform that you can jump down onto and you will find the chest.


Spawn at Charon’s Crossing and make your way toward the outpost building. There is a cliff edge to the right and you will see a large portion of it is broken and damaged. Carefully walk to the edge and you will hear the presence of the amp chest. You will need to drop down to a platform below which is a tad tricky but doable.


Head to the moon and pick whichever spawn point you like, both will require a bit of travel to get to the large circle pit in the middle of the map. Once you get here, you should head toward the eastern side of the hole and you will find a small cave, partially hidden from view on the north west corner of the area. Head inside and you will find the chest at the back right corner of the alcove.


Head to the moon and spawn at sanctuary. Take the path to the left and up to the Archers area. Once you get here, follow the large crevasse that goes along a large portion of the area. Once you get close to the end of the cliff, look down. You will see a small platform below that you can jump down to and you will find the chest here.


Spawn at Charon’s Crossing and take the path to the left. As soon as you come out of the cave, into the ridge area, stop at the left side of the road and look off the ledge. You will see a thin ice path around the corner. Follow this and the chest will be floating here.


Spawn at the Beyond location in Europa. This can be found at the bottom of the map. Once you get here. Take the eastern path, right when facing the hut here. This is a long enough path but only goes one way, so you can’t get lost. Follow this path until you get to the end and you will find the Resonance amp chest at the end overlooking a large cavern.

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