Hop on top of the crystals to move forward??

This has been the most difficult dungeon in Link’s Awakening so far. I am getting stuck a lot with it. I am in a room now where there is a stairs with a chest nearby. The owl in the room says “Hop on top of the crystls to move forward”. I can’t figure out what this clue means. I don’t even know if it is related to this room. The crystals in this dungeon are all of the orange/blue ones that you can’t actually jump on top of…or at least, I don’t think you can jump on top of them?

Hop on top of the crystals to move forward The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

The owl is giving me a riddle "hop on top of the crystals to move forward". I can't figure out what this means. It isnt making any sense to me.. See below for the answer to this question.

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Dan Hastings

It means that you have to jump onto the square things that come out of the ground when you hit a crystal rather than the crystal itself. I think you need to have it set to orange. Climb up the steps on the bottom left and jump off the right ledge. You will land on top of the orange platform that is now sticking out of the ground and you can walk around on it to get up the stairs on the other side.

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