How do you get across to animal village?

The person in the telephone booth says I need the anglers key. This is in the bottom right of the map. I found where animal village is but I can't get across the water. When I try to do a charge jump, link just falls directly into the water. How do you get across to the other side? I found a cave lower down but the water is too deep so I can't get through this either. I'm stuck now as to how to get over there.

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Dan Hastings
You need the hookshot to get across. You won't find this for a while though. To get across to animal village at this stage of the game you will need to use the hidden tunnel. Look near the water for a plant that you can slash with your sword. It will reveal some stairs that you can take down to a secret tunnel. This will take you over to the other side where you can head down south to the village.

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