Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Trophy List

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Obtained all other trophies.
Arrived in Kamurocho for the first time.
Completed Chapter 2.
Completed Chapter 4.
Completed Chapter 6.
Completed Chapter 8.
Completed Chapter 10.
Completed Chapter 12.
Completed all of the main story.
Completed the game on LEGEND difficulty.
Completed 10 substories.
Completed 40 substories.
Completed all substories.
Completed 5 types of Trouble Missions.
Completed 20 types of Trouble Missions.
Activated Extreme Heat Mode 10 times.
Ran away from 10 encounters successfully.
Obtained 10 skills.
Obtained 25 skills.
Obtained all skills.
Raised Health to a natural 150.
Raised Attack to a natural 150.
Raised Defense to a natural 150.
Raised Evade to a natural 150.
Raised the Heat Gauge to a natural 150.
Raised all stats to a natural 200.
Raised all stats to a natural 300.
Defeated Amon on any difficulty.
Obtained 1,000 total experience points.
Obtained 10,000 total experience points.
Obtained 100,000 total experience points.
Completed 10 items on the Completion List.
Completed 31 items on the Completion List.
Completed 100 items on the Completion List.
Assembled the Kiryu Clan.
Reached level 3 in the Kiryu Clan.
Completed the Clan Creator storyline.
Raised the Kiryu Clan's influence to 10,000.
Maxed out a Kiryu Clan leader's stats.
Achieved 100 victories with the Kiryu Clan.
Played every minigame.
Experienced every RIZAP training.
Defeated the Emperor Squid.
Reached Beloved Customer rank at Snack New Gaudi.
Requested every hostess.
Chatted with both lovely Live Chat ladies.
Played every Club SEGA game.
Rescued three stray cats.
Won a baseball game.
Experienced the trials of raising a baby.
Pulled "Great Blessing" at the temple.
Made a store employee angry at you.
Found a secret passage.
Jumped from a dangerously high place.
Activated five types of eatery combos.
Took a photo of Ono Michio-kun.
Engaged enemies while a drink's effect is active.
Walked 30 seconds in first-person mode.
Got surrounded by enemies while trying to take a picture.