Yakuza 4 Trophy List

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Knock over 100 people you pass by.
Earn 1,000,000 yen playing as Akiyama.
Purchase five hand guns playing as Saejima.
Acquire 10,000 casino points playing as Tanimura.
Destroy 100 weapons you pick up playing as Kiryu.
Pick up 20 pieces of trash around the city.
Collect all Memos in the Pause Menu.
Acquire all trophies in the game.
Clear Part 1 of the story.
Clear Part 2 of the story.
Clear Part 3 of the story.
Clear Part 4 of the story.
Clear the Finale.
Clear Extra Hard Mode.
Clear all Ultimate Skill missions.
View all Reminiscences from YAKUZA to YAKUZA 3.
Max out all characters to level 20.
Clear Normal Mode without reverting to Easy Mode.
Complete or finish four substories.
Complete or finish twenty substories.
Complete or finish forty substories.
Defeat Amon and get through all the substories.
Order something at least once at each restaurant.
Open five coin lockers.
Have a hostess wear a present you give her.
Have a hostess invite you on an after-work date.
Gather at least one outfit from each category in "Hostess Maker."
Receive business cards from all hostesses, including ones you train in "Hostess Maker."
Collect ten emblems from survivors during gang encounters.
Acquire the title "Star of the Coliseum."
Have one of your apprentices win the Rookie Tournament in "Fighter Maker."
Create one or more weapons for each weapon category.
Acquire three Revelations.
Become a VIP member at the massage parlor.
Smash the ball three times in one match.
Sing all songs at karaoke.
Achieve a hat trick in darts.
Win the first point in Four-Ball pool.
Achieve a turkey in bowling.
Play all non-casino gambling games.
Play all casino gambling games.
Play all minigames at Club SEGA.
Obtain the trophy prize in pachinko.
Achieve a promotion in shogi.
Collect two of each different tile pattern in mahjong.
Successfully hit two panels at once at the batting center.
Golf and fish five times each.
Possess 10,000,000 yen or more.
Traverse 100 kilometers or more.