Legends: Warriors of Troy Trophy List

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Earn all of the trophies in Warriors: Legends of Troy.
Defeat Menelaos in a duel for the hand of Helen.
Bring down the statue of Apollo.
Escort Agamemnon to the Greek ships.
Escape Skamandros.
Open the gates of Troy for the Greek army.
Complete the game on any difficulty.
Complete the game on Hard or Expert difficulty.
Complete the game on Expert difficulty.
Perform a 6-hit combo of Perfectly-Timed Quick Attacks on enemies.
Buy 10 items.
Kill a fleeing enemy by throwing a picked-up weapon.
Perform a rolling Quick Attack on an enemy from behind.
Perform a parry on an enemy's parry in a duel.
Kill 1000 enemies.
What! 9000 (kills)? There's no way that can be right! Can it?
Defeat an enemy hero.
Kill a special enemy.
Kill 20 special enemies.
Perform 20 Finishers.
Perform 3 different Finishers with each hero.
Kill 50 enemies while in Fury.
Kill 496 enemies while in Fury.
Perform 100 Perfectly-Timed Attacks on enemies.
Kill 10 fleeing enemies by throwing picked-up weapons.
Complete a chapter with enough items equipped to completely fill the largest item grid.
Perform a Finisher on an enemy zombie.
Miss all of your attacks while in fury.
Break the shields of everyone in a phalanx without killing any of them.
Do not attack Hippolyte when she comes to haunt you.
Kill 500 Trojans in Plague on Expert difficulty.
Defeat an enemy hero in under 10 seconds.
Get 5 enemy zombies kicked by the statue of Apollo.
Get 7 enemy soldiers killed by the Cyclops.
Defeat the Griffin without getting hit by any sand pillar attacks.
Get 3 enemy zombies hit simultaneously by Lyssa's ground smoke attack.
Perform a Finisher on each of the 6 special enemy types.
Completely fill the maximum fury meter in under 2 minutes without using items that generate fury.
Win a duel after entering it with critical health.
Maintain your Kleos for 3 minutes during a chapter.
Achieve 350 Kleos with Penthesilea during a chapter.
Collect a Blessing.
Complete a chapter without being damaged on Hard or Expert difficulty.
Complete a chapter without equipping any items on Hard or Expert difficulty.
Complete the Arena, Rampage and Bloodlust challenges.
Reach Hektor in the Epic Bloodlust challenge within 10 minutes.
Complete the Epic Arena, Epic Rampage and Epic Bloodlust challenges.
Collect all Blessings in a chapter.
Complete all secondary objectives on any difficulty.
Unlock all of Helen's concept art.
Buy all of the items.