Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen Trophy List

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Acquired all trophies.
Completed Uninvited Guests.
Completed Ruler of the Wild Forest.
Completed Revolt.
Completed Path of No Return.
Completed Daughter of the Forest.
Completed Tatokori Gate.
Completed Nuwangi.
Completed Imperial Capital Invasion.
Completed Decisive Battle.
Completed Blocking the Shikeripechim Invasion.
Completed Special Attack.
Completed Evenkurugan Woman.
Completed Battle to the Death on the Bridge.
Completed False Truths - Part 2.
Completed Giriyaginan Gladiator.
Completed Infiltration.
Completed Karulawaturei.
Completed Pursuit.
Completed Princess of a Fallen Empire.
Completed Abandoned Feelings.
Completed The Daybreakers.
Completed Hansana Offense & Defense.
Completed Hunter & Hunted - Part 2.
Completed Abh-kamu.
Completed Burning Prison.
Completed The Fallen.
Completed Mask.
Completed Kuuya.
Completed Primordial Dream - Part 2.
Completed Demander of Power.
Completed Great Seal - Part 2.
Reached the ending.
Completed Where the Wild Things March.
Successfully performed a chain attack.
Used a final strike.
Used every main character's final strike.
Used a co-op chain.
Used every main character's co-op chain.
Dealt 300+ damage to a single enemy.
Dealt 750+ damage to a single enemy.
Dealt 1,800+ damage to a single enemy.
Tried a free battle.
Tried training.
Completed all training battles.
Acquired all rewards from training.
Completely filled out the encyclopedia.
Viewed all event scenes.
Listened to every BGM.