Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Trophy Guide

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Uncharted 4 is by far the most impressive Uncharted game to date and also has a trophy list that has ditched a lot of the old trophies that have been present in all past Uncharted games. The list is quite easy and can be completed in a single playthrough, but it is not recommended as it will be crazy hard and will likely ruin your experience playing the game. The Speedrun tropy is the only trophy that can be missed as chapter select will allow you to go back and repeat any areas of the game where there are trophies that you may have missed.

  • Author : Nerdburglars
  • Time To 100% : 20-30 Hours
  • Difficulty : 4
  • Online Trophies : 5
  • Offline Trophies : 51
  • Num Playthroughs : Min 2, Suggested 3

Trophy Guide & Road Map [toggle]

EDIT – Completely unknown to me at the time of writing this was that there are cheats and they do not block trophies. Once you complete the game on any difficulty you will have unlocked cheats, such as infinite ammo. Purchase infinite ammo for the Barok and enable all of the aim assists to make your crushing playthrough even easier than a playthrough on easy.

The trophy list for Uncharted 4 is quite easy. There is only 1 real missible trophy and that is the trophy that requires you to complete the game in under 6 hours. All the rest of the trophies can be obtained using chapter select after completing the main game. The trophy guide below for each trophy will give you good information on how to get each trophy. There isn’t much use for a walkthrough, but I will go over some strategies to take to best get the platinum without wasting too much time and getting the most enjoyment from the game.

It is technically possible to beat this game in a single playthrough if you are somehow able to beat the game on crushing difficulty in under 6 hours. I’m sure there are people out there capable of doing this, but I will not be putting myself through this stress. For those who want to get the platinum and not destroy 10 controllers in the process I would suggest you take more than 1 playthrough to beat the game. To maxamise enjoyment of the game i would suggest going for 3 playthroughs, but it should be quite easy to get this in 2 playthroughs. If you are a big fan of the Uncharted games I would suggest you play the game first on normal and forget about all of the trophies. Simply enjoy the game! Once you have beaten the game use chapter select to go back and get any collectibles that you may have missed. You can also get any of the hidden, story related trophies that you might have missed. You should be able to get all of the trophies except the “Charted” trophies using chapter select. Now that you have enjoyed the game and collected most of the trophies you can focus on the speed run and the crushing difficulty run.

I would suggest playing on crushing difficulty first. The skill required to beat this game will result in you becoming very good at the game and you will learn all of the efficient ways to do things. Once you have the crushing trophy, you can play the game on easy to get the speedrun trophy which requires you to beat the game in under 6 hours. With the knowledge and skill gained from playing the game on crushing mode, this speedrun shouldn’t be too much trouble since you can complete it on explorer difficulty. There is a video guide below that will show you the best approach to take to obtain this trophy.

Stealth take-down 5 enemies

Stealth kills are performed by sneaking up on an enemy who is unaware of your presence. Getting 5 should be quite easy. See "Shh Sleep Now" for more information.

Stealth take-down 30 enemies

Sneak up on an enemy and kill them to get a stealth kill. A stealth kill only counts if the enemy was not aware of your presence before you killed them. If you shoot an enemy from behind, even if they are unaware, it does not count. A stealth take down needs to be melee. Get 30 kills in this way to get the trophy.

Perform 30 vertical stealth takedowns

Vertical take downs are similar to regular stealth take downs, except from above. This one will take a bit of special attention in order to get as most of the time a vertical take down wont be something that you will be thinking of. Mainly because it isn't a mechanic that a lot of games have. If there are enemies patrolling an area, find a place where you know the enemy will walk under and wait for him to get close enough for you to get the kill.

Defeat 50 enemies from-the-hip or blind-firing

Firing from the hip is done by shooting your weapon without aiming down the sights. If you are hiding behind cover and shoot it will count as "blind firing". This strategy does not work so well on the harder difficulties, but during your speed run you should get this. You wont have the time to be taking cover and aiming. Firing from the hip as you are running around is the easiest way to get the trophy.

Defeat 10 enemies in a row, alternating gunplay and hand-to-hand

This is easily done on easy. Doing it on the harder difficulties may not work so well as melee combat is a bit of a risk. To get this you need to kill an enemy with a gun, then get a melee kill then another gun kill etc. You need 5 kills with a gun and 5 with your fists by switching back and forth. 

Defeat 100 enemies in a row without dying in combat

Can be done on any difficulty, but it is obviously much easier to achieve on easy as it is much harder to die on this difficulty. You do not need to kill the enemy in any particular way. Simply kill 100 enemies without dying in between to get the trophy. 

Complete game with 70% or higher shot accuracy

This one can be a bit tricky. If you go for headshots it will be a bit harder to get this. Headshots are often 1 hit kill. This means if you shoot and miss then shoot again and kill the enemy you will have a 50% accuracy. On the other hand if you shoot once and miss, then shoot an enemy 9 times in the leg to kill him. Your accuracy will be 90%. So to cut to the point, get multiple body shots instead of a single headshot as this will be the best way to increase your percentage. The more bullets you shoot on target, the less damage a single miss will do to your total.

Defeat enemies with a pistol, machine gun, and grenade, in that order, in 15 seconds

This is fairly easy. The grenade is the only part that makes this a bit tricky. Get to a place where there are at least 3 enemies. More enemies will make this a little easier. Make sure you have a pistol, machine gun and a grenade in your inventory. Start by killing an enemy with the pistol, then kill another with a machine gun. Finally throw a grenade at an enemy and hope you get the kill. You need to do all of this very quickly. Getting headshots will obviously make this a lot easier. If you suck at headshots then use a powerful pistol and machine gun so you can kill the enemy much quicker. The grenade will take a second or 2 to explode after you throw it so keep this in mind. 

Get through Scotland cemetery combat encounter without killing or being seen

Save the game at the start of this. You can make a manual game save at the start of the chapter by opening the pause menu and going down to save. You should make 2 as the auto save may override one of them preventing you from being able to reload. It will be much easier if you wait until a second run before attempting this as you will have learned how to get through the mission as easy as possible. If you get caught you can reload your game save and try again. 

Make 10 enemies drop their grenades

It is very easy to see when an enemy is about to throw a grenade. You will see their arm move up and there will be a red flashing item in their hand. When you see this, shoot the enemy and it will cause them to drop the grenade. Most of the time this also kills the enemy and any others around, making this a valuable thing to take advantage of when you can.

Defeat 4 enemies with the same explosion (all explosive items and weapons apply)

There are plenty of weapons and explosives that are capable of getting 4 kills, the problem is finding 4 enemies that are close enough together so that you can kill them all with a single blast. 

Defeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds with the China Lake Grenade Launcher

Getting the kill isn't a big deal, but ammo isn't going to be as abundant as it is for other weapons. You cant just recklessly fire shots all over the place and hope to get a few kills. You need to make your way through an area as quick as possible and correctly aim at all the enemies that you see. You shouldn't have too much trouble getting this if you take car to shoot accurately and don't run out of ammo mid way through.

Destroy 10 vehicles while being dragged from the rope

This is done on chapter 11. You can use chapter select to make obtaining this less..missable. When you are hanging onto the rope, being pulled by the truck with a crane on the back you will have a gun and be shooting at enemies who are chasing after. Destroy 10 of the vehicles that enemies are driving to get this trophy.

Defeat enemies with a stealth attack, melee attack, headshot, and explosives, in that order, in 15 seconds

The timing required to achieve this makes it a little more challenging than "Rushing Roulette". You need to start by getting a stealth kill. This alone limits the locations in which you can get this done as it is quite tricky to stay undetected in a lot of locations. The best gear for this would be a grenade launcher and a powerful pistol. Once you have killed the enemy using a stealth you need to run on and get a melee kill, you should be able to "soften" the enemy up with bullets to make it a one punch kill, but this is risky. The next you need is a headshot. You can use any gun you like for this, but I would suggest using a powerful pistol (or any pistol if you are up against standard enemies). The final kill needs to be an explosive kill, you can use a grenade but these are too slow. Grenades take time to throw and then time to blow up. By using a grenade launcher or some other gun with explosive rounds, you can quickly get the kill without too much a delay and less risk of missing.

Defeat 5 armored enemies with melee only

Armored enemies are much bigger and stronger than regular enemies. Typically the armored enemies will have much stronger weapons which makes them a lot more deadly to fight, especially those with shotguns. If you are going for this, it is best to clear out all other enemies in the area first so you can focus on killing the armored enemy without being shot at. Make sure to roll (Circle), and counter (Triangle) to avoid taking any damage. Don't let too much distance come between you and the enemy as he may decide to use his weapon which will cause you a lot of damage. If this happens just roll and get closer to him to initiate melee combat. The kill must be melee only, you cant use a combo of guns and melee.

After being marooned, leave everyone alive until the Treasury

This can be achieved as part of Chapter 12 and 13. You will need to make it through without killing anyone. Shouldnt be too much bother, but the video guide below should help make this a bit easier.

Perform 10 combo buddy takedowns

This can be done during any group melee combat scenes. The first place where you will be able to do this is during the scene in the laundry room of the prison. There are other locations in which this can be done. To get a combo buddy takedown you will need to be in a fight where there are other people who are fighting with you. Sometimes the guy who is fighting with you will grab an enemy and you will finish him off, there are also moves in which you can double team an enemy. These are triggered automatically and occur fairly often. As long as you stay close to your allies, you should be able to get these to trigger for most enemies. The video below will give you a better explination on how to get this trophy.

Pull 20 enemies over when hanging from a ledge

Hanging from a ledge can be a great strategy for cover when you are in a place where you are quite exposed. When you are on a ledge you can press O and it will make you drop down and hang off the ledge. If you see some enemies that are patrolling around a ledge you can hang off and when they walk by you can pull them down off the ledge for an easy kill.

Defeat 1000 enemies

This should come naturally as you play the game. Kill everything you see and it will come in time. If you want you can camp some checkpoints and keep doing them over and over, but there shouldn't be too much trouble with this trophy as you work to get all of the other trophies. 

Play with the lemur in the market and let it steal your apple

This trophy is unlocked during Chapter 11. As you are walking through the market you will get to a point where you will hear a woman shouting about apples that are for sale. She can be found in the middle of the market. Head over to her and purchase an apple from her. Nate will start eating the apple as he is walking on talking to Sully. You will eventually get to a point where there will be a man who has a pet Lemur. Interact with the Lemur and then walk away. When you walk off the Lemur will chase after you and steal your apple. The trophy will pop after he steals your apple.

Use every weapon in the game

There are quite a few different weapons that are available. Some of which can be a lot more difficult to find than others. All you need to do is use the weapon for it to count which makes things a little less tricky. There is a great guide on this wiki that will show you all of the weapons that are available in this game along with plenty of images that will help you identify all of the images. http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Uncharted_4:_A_Thief's_End 

Knock over all rock cairns in Madagascar

This can be unlocked in Chapter 10. You will be driving a jeep around a large open area. There will be rock statues around this area that you must run over with the jeep. The video guide below will show you the locations of all of the rock statues.

Climb to the very top of the Clocktower in the City

This is something that most of us will likely want to do even if there wasn't a trophy for it. A game this good looking needs a good view to admire it from! This trophy can be unlocked in Chapter 11 when you are climbing to the top of the tower to reach the bell. Keep climbing your way up past the bell until you get to the very top of the tower.

Solve the first Trial in Scotland in 10 moves or less

If you can do this first time around without a guide you will deserver a serious high 5. This is very easy with a guide, so no need to get stressed about it. The video guide below will show you how to obtain the trophy.

Beat the best score in the retro videogame

This is a really cool surprise. As some may not know, Naughty Dog (the developer of this game) were the developers of the original Crash Bandicoot games. The high score is 3500, which isnt too bad. Collect as many apples as you can and try not to die. When you get to the end of the level you will get a run down of your score. It should be fairly easy to beat the high score if you collect the apples. 

Listen to all optional conversations in game

Optional conversations are very easy to miss as they can sometimes occur when you are climbing or up in an area where you do not see the speech bubble icon. The best way to know that there is a conversation option is when a person is talking you and they ask a question or something that requires Nate to respond. If Nate doesn't respond then you know that this is an optional conversation. In order to trigger this you will need to make your way to the person who was talking and press Triangle to trigger the conversation. As i said above, it can be a bit annoying to get this when you are in a position where you can't make it back to the person to talk to them. To make this a bit easier there is a guide for each of the chapters that will show you where all of the optional conversations are. 

Play in the ocean near the sunken ship

Marco polo apart from having historical significance to the series, is also a game that has appeared as an easter egg in past Uncharted games. In order to get this trophy you will need to swim around in the ocean near the sunken ship in Chapter 12 and the trophy will pop after a bit of dialog from Nate.

Just prior to City Chase, stand perfectly still for 30 seconds (stage demo fail)

This is an easter egg that references a technical issue that occurred during a live stage demo of Uncharted 4. The game was being demoed and there was a controller issue which caused Nate to stand still in the middle of the market while the team worked to solve the controller issue. All you need to do to get this trophy is to stand still for 30 seconds. Put the controller down for 30 seconds and just wait for the trophy to pop.

Drive away in the jeep with Elena without killing any enemies

This one can be a little annoying as you do not have any way to make Elana turn passive and not kill anyone. You will need to make your way to the jeep and begin driving. Elana will be in the back shooting. You will need to do your best to drive in such a way that she cannot get a good shot. If she kills an enemy you wont be able to get the trophy. In short, this trophy requires you to play in a way that makes your AI partner useless. Making it one of the very few times in gaming history where you need to put some effort into making your AI partner suck.

Get three dolphins to follow the boat

This trophy is unlocked in chapter 12. You will need to drive past the main island until you get behind it. Once you are behind the island you will see 3 rocks poking out of the water. Keep driving around this area and eventually you will find some dolphins, keep driving around until 3 of them are following the boat. 

Hit all targets in the attic with the toy gun

This is a fun little mini game at the start of the game. There will be 4 targets hanging from the roof in the attic. Hit all 4 of them with the toy gun to get the trophy. All of the targets are very easy to locate making this very simple to complete.

Take a photo of Sully

This is achieved in chapter 11. You will be using your phone. Take a picture of Sully using the phone to get the trophy. 

Perfectly parry Rafe in the sword fight without getting slashed or stabbed

As the description says. Complete the fight without taking any damage and parrying all of the attacks. It can be a tough one to achieve as its very simple to slip up. If you do slip up, die and try again.

Complete the Uncharted Multiplayer Introduction

This will pop after completing the introduction for the multiplayer game mode.

Complete 5 matches in Multiplayer

Simply complete 5 multiplayer games. You dont need to win the game, just play it until the end.

Complete all trials on Moderate (difficulty) in Multiplayer

There are various trials in the multipler game mode that will offer some team based challenges that you much complete. There will be a difficulty setting for this and in order to get the trophy you will need to complete them all on moderate difficulty. The challenges arent too bad, but it will take a bit of time to get them all done. 

Spawn 10 Sidekicks in Multiplayer

A sidekick is an NPC ally that you can spawn in game. Select a loadout that contains a sidekick and use it in a game for it to count. Each sidekick has a unique ability, so you will eventually find one that you like best and get this trophy quite easily. 

Revive 10 Allies in Multiplayer

When a member of your team is downed, but not killed, you will have the chance to revive them. When you spot a downed enemy, run over to them and revive them. Chances are an enemy will be nearby so keep an eye out when doing this as you will be vulnerable. This can be very easily farmed with a few friends. If you have friends on the other team, everyone can take turns downing players and letting the other player revive them. 

Collect All The Trophies

This will unlock after you collect all of the other trophies.

Complete the game in explorer mode

This is the easiest difficulty in the game. Since the trophy difficulties stack, you wont need to actually play this difficulty. I would however suggest you play the game on this difficulty for your 6 hour speed run.

Complete the game in light mode

Difficulty trophies stack so this will unlock when you play on the higher difficulties.

Complete the game in moderate mode

Difficulty trophies stack. See "Charted! – Crushing" for more.

Complete the game in hard mode

Difficulty trophies stack. See "Charted! – Crushing" for more.

Complete the game in crushing mode

Crushing appears to be disabled at the start of the game, but it actually isn't. If you go to crushing difficulty it is grayed out, but if you press X you can select it anyway. Normally in past games you were required to beat the game first to unlock crushing difficulty.

Crushing difficulty is the hardest difficulty in the game. Enemies are tougher and you die a hell of a lot easier. You will no longer be able to brush off grenade explosions and meele encounters are not going to be a walk in the park. If you have played the game on crushing mode for any of the past uncharted games, you shouldn't get too frustrated with this. It's a challenge, but you will know what to expect having completed it for other games. If this is the first time playing crushing difficulty, here are some strategies and tips for beating the game on crushing mode.

Get Headshots - Headshots are the quickest way to kill enemies. The quicker you kill the enemies in an area, the less chance you have of getting killed by them. You will also burn through less ammo as the enemies are notorious for being bullet sponges.
Use Stealth - If you can sneak up on an enemy and take them out using stealth then you should. It is better to clear off as many enemies as possible using stealth so that if you do finally get caught, there will be less enemies to kill.
Take Cover - Running into an area with guns blazing does not work. Take it slow and use all the cover you can. When you want to move somewhere, make sure there is a plan b to run to if you get flanked or something.
Keep your distance - You dont need to run into the middle of an area to start taking enemies down. Stay as far away as possible and try to pick off as many enemies as you can before moving forward. You are less likely to be flanked of the enmies are further away.
Choke Points - If you are behind cover and get flanked, you will most likely end up dead. Rather than go inside a door and take cover, stay outside. The doorway will act as a choke point. All enemies will need to come out of this in order to get to you. This allows you to easily pick them off.
Use ledges for cover - Sometimes you may be in a point where there isn't much cover. What most people forget is that you can drop off a ledge and hang there. This is the best kind of cover as your entire body is hidden. Nate being the beefcake that he is can easily pop up and down from hanging off a ledge to pick off enemies.

Complete the game in 6 hours or less

There is no constraint on the game mode you choose for this one, so it makes sense to do this on explorer difficulty. Beating the game first time around is going to be difficult as you are going to get stuck with some puzzles and other areas where there may be unexpected events. I would suggest you wait until you have completed the game on crushing difficulty before attempting this one. By then you should be good at the game and will also have solved all of the puzzles and any other road blocking events. You should know what to do and know the best strategies to clear enemies in a particular area.

This video guide should help you get through the game as quickly as possible and obtain the trophy. As you can see, it's possible to beat the game in under 5 hours using this strategy.

Find a Treasure

It will be difficult to make it through the game without coming across one of these. See "Treasure Master" for the full treasure collectible guide.

Find 50 treasures

See "Treasure Master" for the full treasure collectible guide.

Find all Treasures

Treasures can be found by looking out for a small glint of light around the game. When you stand above it, you can pick up the treasure. The video guide below will show you how to find all of the collectibles in the game.

Find the Strange Relics

This is the first game in the Uncharted series where there have been more than one strange relic. There are 3 relics in total that will contribute toward this trophy. The video below will show you the location of all 3 relics.

Find a Journal Entry

Journal Entries are collectibles that you pickup throughout the game. They are a little more difficult to find than treasures, but you should be able to find one of these without too much trouble. See "Lost Art of Journaling" for more information on journal entries.

Find all Journal Entries

The video guide below will show you the locations of all of the journal entries. None of these are really missable since you can use chapter select to go back and collect any of the entries that you have misesd. There are 25 entries in total that you must find in order to unlock this trophy.

Find a Journal Note

Journal notes are collectibles that you pickup throughout the game. They are a little more difficult to find than treasures, but you should be able to find one of these without too much trouble. See "Lost History" for more information on journal notes.

Find All Journal Notes

The video guide below will show you the locations of all of the journal notes. None of these are really missable since you can use chapter select to go back and collect any of the entries that you have misesd. There are 23 notes in total that you will need to find in order to unlock this trophy.

Defeat 20 enemies with headshots

Headshots are fairly simple to get. Get 20 and this will pop.

Defeat 50 enemies with headshots

This should come naturally. You should be focussing on headshots as much as possible during your crushing playthrough. 

Perform 20 headshots from the rope

The rope is a new mechanic added in this game. It is a grapple rope that you can attach to particular areas and swing from. There are quite a few locations where you will be required to use the rope. You will be very vulnerable while on the rope, which makes the time it takes to get a headshot a lot more difficult, especially on the harder difficulties. You need to get 20 headshots while hanging from a rope, it sounds easy and is easy when the enemies don't do as much damage. I would suggest doing this on one of the easier difficulties.