Touring Karts Trophy List

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Basic powerup. An extra speed for a few seconds. We're not sure if this would pass dopping control.
Basic powerup. A cool drink that turns you into a ghost and will be immune to adversaries’ attacks for a few seconds.
Mix Chicken + Bazooka A big chicken that shits explosive barrels in its path. Use it on a straight line full of cars and you'll get an evil smile on your face.
Mix shield cola + Mini-bomb: This special drink will make all nearby enemies small. Use it to crush those insects!
Mix turbo cola + shield cola: Enjoy the speed of ultra-fast, fully automated driving. A delight!
Mix Ice cube + Mini-bomb: A very refreshing drink that will freeze all nearby opponents. Say goodbye to the heat!
Mix Bazooka + Turbo cola: A bazooka specially designed to attack the first without failing. An incredible gift for the leader!
Mix Banana + Shield cola: A flying monkey obsessed with throwing bananas will appear to the first 3 racers. Chaos guaranteed!
Mix hammer + Shield cola: Turns you into a ghost and will be immune to adversaries’ attacks and keep the hammer. A 2x1 offer in full force!
Mix a banana + Enlargement cola: A huge banana that is very difficult to dodge. Leave it in the middle of the track or give it directly to your “best friend”
Mix banana + Ice cube: A flying monkey with hypnotic powers will appear to the first 3 racers. Right-left, left-right was never so complicated to drive!
Mix shield cola + Enlargement cola: The final soda! You will remain immune to your adversaries' attacks much longer.
Basic powerup. Turn your enemies into a refreshing ice cube.
Mix Hammer + Bazooka: A special hammer that activates bombs with timer to all touches it. Cool!
Basic powerup. Fire projectiles at your adversaries. Direct and without complications Boom!
Basic powerup. Shrink your enemies. Size matters!
Mix Hammer + Enlargement cola What's better than a crushing hammer? a giant crusher hammer. Of course!
Mix Banana + Mini-bomb A flying monkey armed with bananas will appear to the first 3 racers. They deserve it!
Mix Bazooka + Enlargement cola: An improved version of the standard bazooka: Bigger, faster and of course: More destructive! Who wants more?
Mix hammer + Turbo cola: A very famous compact hammer that discharges electricity to all nearby adversaries.
Mix turbo cola + Enlargement cola: The ultimate energy drinks. Instant maximum speed to overtake all your opponents without exception.
Mix hammer + Ice cube: An extra-long frozen hammer that will cause an instantaneous descent of the temperature of everyone who touches it. The winter is coming!
Mix hammer + Mini bomb: A very special drink that will invoke a monkey with giant hammers to all the nearby adversaries.
Mix chicken + Turbo cola: It is very similar to the normal chicken, but it is so fast that your adversaries will not have time to react. Surprise!
Mix chicken + Banana: A chicken with addiction to bananas that will leave a trail of bananas in its path.
Basic powerup. A giant hen capable of crushing your adversaries. Note: No animal was damaged in the making of this video game.
Mix chicken + Enlargement cola: A chicken so giant and huge that it will be seen from space. Maybe we're exaggerating a little.
Mix chicken + Hammer: What if a giant hen caught a giant hammer while running? Check it out!
Mix Bazooka + Shield cola: It's a technologically improved bazooka that won't be detected by your enemies and can pass through buildings. Hi-tech!
Mix Chicken + Ice cube: A giant chicken that's shitting ice? Really? Here it is!
Mix Chicken + Mini-bomb: Instant chicken cloning! Now you have 3 hens, so: triple destructive power
Mix banana + Turbo cola: A banana genetically modified to emit electricity and affect all nearby enemies. Cool!
Mix chicken + Shield cola: The ultimate secret weapon: A giant hen capable of crossing buildings and running over water. I want it!
Mix Bazooka + Ice cube: A bazooka that freezes opponents. Why not? It’s “cool”
Mix bazooka + banana: A bazooka that fire bananas and will turn you into a true banana master. Monkey’s word!
Mix banana + hammer: A flying monkey with huge hummers will appear to the first 3 racers. Jump, jump to the rhythm of my song!
Basic powerup. A huge hammer capable of hitting your enemies directly.
Mix Ice cube + Shield cola A powerful, large ice cube capable of passing through buildings
Mix Mini-bomb with Turbo cola: This special drink will make appear to all the enemies nearby a small UFO able to make cars levitate. Wow!
Basic powerup. Your enemies will slip like never.
Mix Bazooka + Mini-bomb: A bazooka that allows you to set 3 targets. 3 is always better than 1, isn't it?
Mix ice cube + Turbo cola An ice cube that applies extra frostbite and is also red that is cooler.
Mix Mini-bomb + Enlargement cola: A giant UFO that follows you and will abduct your close adversaries.
Basic powerup. You'll grow twice your normal size. Crush them!
Mix Ice cube + Enlargement cola: This giant ice cube is not only bigger but is also capable of freezing many opponents at once. Throw it in a straight line and watch!