The Last Guardian Trophy List

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Avoid Trico for 3 minutes or longer when he goes wild in an antenna room.
Land on Trico's back after being propelled upwards from a cart.
Touch all enemy beasts.
Remove all spears from Trico as quickly as possible.
Make Trico put his head in every hole.
Saved from falling by Trico's tail 10 or more times.
Collect all other trophies.
Play the game all the way to the end.
Reach the end of the game in 5 hours or less.
Reach the end of the game in 15 hours or less.
Reach the end of the game in 30 hours or less.
Reach the end of the game without a game over.
Give Trico every single barrel.
Hear every hint.
Collect all of the boy's costumes and equip them.
Hit suits of armor with 20 or more barrels or pots.
Defeat 10 or more suits of armor by removing their heads.
Cling onto a suit of armor's back for 30 seconds or longer.
Defeat 20 or more suits of armor with Trico's lightning.
Have Trico defeat 20 or more suits of armor while they are carrying the boy.
Paint Trico's entire body.
Have Trico catch a thrown barrel in mid-air 20 times or more.
Catch the act.
Move 10 meters or more while carrying 2 or more stacked barrels.