The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics Trophy List

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Get all the other Trophies
Complete Rian's Dreamfast
Complete Brea's Dreamfast
Complete Deet's Dreamfast
Unite the Dousan Clan
Unite the Grottan Clan
Unite the Drenchen Clan
Unite the Spriton Clan
Unite the Sifa Clan
Unite the Vapra Clan
Unite the Stonewood Clan
Recruit a Dousan Gelfling
Survive Desert Ambush
Make your way back to Deet's home
Save the Drenchen Villagers from the hungry Arathim
Drive the Chamberlain away from the Drenchen village
Recruit a Sifa Gelfling
Defeat the General in the Vapran Citadel
Defeat the Skeksis loyalists in Ha'rar
Find out what happened to the Castle Guards
Recruit a second podling
Free the Stonewood prisoners
Help get the lost Stonewood Gelfling home
Witness the final destruction of the Hunter
Witness the Chamberlain's Betrayal
Defeat the Emperor
Defeat the Emperor on New Game + Mode