Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation Trophy List

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You showed great dedication!
I'm glad you're here.
You made it this far!
Always forward, never back.
Extra-dimensionally choppy
You'll need unlimited stamina to race to the end!
Spooky inception!
These are their stories.
Welcome to Karamari Hospital!
Just keep moving
Just go towards the light!
Spooky believes in your potential!
Who is the real monster?
I admire your confidence!
This place should be shut down...
Please don't hurt me.
Almost got you!
Double the specimen, double the fun!
Were you taking notes?
You just... can't stop dying can you?
Try and restrain yourself
I am super scared!
You're doing it wrong, give me the controller!
Love is over...
Where did you get that sword?
Just...just keep going!