Skater XL Trophy List

How To Use
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Earn all Trophies in Skater XL
Grind 1km in total
Manual for 1 hour in total
Do a 40 meter long grind
Do a 100 meter long manual
Do a 20 meter long powerslide
Travel over 40.075km in total
Get at least 10 meters up in the air
Land from a drop at least 5 meters high
Jump a distance of over 50 meters
Push mongo 100 times
Finish all tutorials
Change clothes or gear 20 times
Edit and save a replay
Do a 900 degree rotation in the air
Bail over 1000 times
Do 10 treflips in a row
Do 3 different flip tricks in one combo
Do 5 different grinds in one line
Land a flip into a grind
Jump out of a grind into another grind
Do a kickflip on flat ground