Rocket League Trophy List

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Unlock All Trophies
Collect all Items
Drive a total of 500 km
Win a total of 30 games across any game mode
Win the Season Championship
Win 10 games in a row across any mode
Score 6 Goals in a single game
Unlock all Battle-Cars
Collect 50 Items
Complete the regular Season
Customize every slot on a single Battle-Car
Play a total of 20 games across any game mode
Make 20 Saves
Score a goal by hitting your opponent into the ball
Use your Rocket Boost for a total of 5 minutes
Complete every Practice Drill (any difficulty)
With only 60 seconds left, Win a game in which you were tied or trailing
Completely fill and then empty your Rocket Boost 10 times in a single match
Collect 5 Items
Drive on the dome walls for a total of 5 minutes
Play against every team in a Season
Play with both classic Battle-Cars (Octane and Backfire)
Watch a save file in Replay mode
Win a total of 5 games across any mode
Win a game without giving up a single Goal
Win a 3v3 game
Win a 2v2 game
Win a 1v1 game
Win your first game of the Season
Score a goal while reversing
Complete a Practice Drill
Play in every Rocket League stadium
Customize one slot on a single Battle-Car
Score your first Goal
Play an Online game with a Friend
Play an Exhibition match
Score an Aerial Goal
Win a 4v4 game
Play a game on Utopia Coliseum
Win a Season Championship using Dominus or Takumi in every game
Drive 100 km with either the Cristiano or Spinner Wheels
Equip both Dominus and Takumi with a new Decal and Paint Finish, then win a game
Use the Burnout or Nitrous Rocket Boost for a total of 10 minutes
Play a complete game with both Dominus and Takumi
Perform a 180 powerslide with both the Cristiano and Spinner Wheels
Equip the Shark Fin Topper and win an Unfair Bot Match
Win a game against All-Star Bots with the Hearts Decal equipped
Win an Online Match with Scarab or Zippy
Use the Accelerato Boost with an original Battle-Car while playing in a SARPBC-inspired arena
Win the MVP award using Scarab or Zippy
Equip any Chaos Run item and win a 4v4 Online match
With Grog, Score 10 Goals against Pro-level Bots or higher
With Ripper, Score 10 Goals against Pro-level Bots or higher
Make 50 total "Shots on Goal" using Grog or Ripper
Equip the Mohawk and Demolish 3 opposing Bots in the Wasteland