Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds Overdrive Trophy List

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Clear the boat building stage
Clear the Ikebukuro stage
Clear the Shinjuku stage
Clear the Kumon Shrine stage
Clear the Demonsphere stage
Clear the escape stage
Play with Kurisu.
Level up with Kurisu
Get Kurisu's level to 25
Clear any stage with Kurisu
Clear all of the stages playing as Kurisu
Clear any stage in co-op play while playing as Kurisu
Play until the very end of a match as Kurisu
Raise any character's level to the maximum level
Start the Game
Use every starting character
Play the game after reading all the HOW TO PLAY.
Level up a character
Get any character's level to 25
Get any character's level to 50
Unlock a new skill with any character
Unlock every skill for one character
Clear any stage in co-op play
Play until the very end of a match
Land a 100-hit or more combo
Unlock all hidden characters
Find the Lily Sparrow bonus stage
Clear the Akihabara stage
Clear the College of Music stage